Hi, I'm Helena and this is A Diary of Lovely. A place for me to share everything I love and inspires me, fashion, decor, art, cooking, movies... and everything that makes me smile.
I started this blog back in August, I wanted to store somewhere all my inspirational images and ideas, and didn't want to overload my computer. Actually it was a private blog, and then I kind of forgot about it and posted maybe twice a month for...
And then November came and I lost my job... "what am I going to do..." I was so scared, and I thought "well, I can work on my blog" by then it was open, but honestly NO ONE never ever came... no... REALLY, I started blogging properly in December, daily, several times a day, I was hooked. My first follower was at the end of December, oh my! big excitement, trust me, huuuge! I was so
 happy! I've met some amazing ladies, and I totally love it!

Advertising disclaimer

Some of my posts contain affiliate links. I pick them all myself and only blog about products I like and would buy for myself. If you click on an affiliate link and end up buying something just after I will get a very small commission (a small percentage of the final price you pay). 
Sometimes I also run sponsored posts but always in line with my own aesthetic and try as much as possible to integrate them in normal content. All opinions are my own and I NEVER blog about anything I deem inappropriate or doesn't fit the blog purpose and style. 


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Thank you all for your support, loving comments and for following me around, for always being there and for making A Diary of Lovely what it is today! THANKS!


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