Monday, March 09, 2015

Weekend Wear

Hello lovelies, I'm back and I'm incredibly grateful for your kind words. Some of you have reached out to see how I was doing and I'm blown away by your kindness. While these last 3 months have been difficult around here I'm happy because things are on the mend and I know everything will be ok. I wanted to clarify that time it wasn't a heartbreak, I'm still healing from that, I won't lie but I have realised that there are much more important things in life than being left. I'm definitely worth more than that!

I will try to resume my normal blogging schedule but I hope you will excuse me if I can't keep up! Please know, that you being here, you reading these short line, you encouraging me, you telling me that you are still here, all this fuels me, and I unfortunately words are not enough to pass my gratitude. So I will only say thanks, again, for being here. Let's do this!

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  1. hello :) you look very nice and fit ;) thanks for being there also, keep tight and be strong.. xoxo Ebru from İstanbul

  2. Lots of love and looking forward to April gorgeous Helena :) Rowena xxx

  3. Hi Doll,

    Listen, I try to be inspirational too - life isn't always problem free. I found the more I started sharing the hard stuff and well as the fluff, my readers really responded to it. You become relatable. No matter how many beautiful photos a blogger posts - not one of us have a perfect life.

    I know your heartbreak hurt. It takes time. Sounds like you are in a chrysalis phase and when you are ready, you will sprout your wings and become a butterfly.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. We get lost. Barcelona is a gorgeous place and you are lucky to be surrounded by family.

    Don't be afraid to take chances - what's the worse that can happen? Failure. Big deal. Get up and try again.

    I have been there. Email me anytime to vent.

    Sending you love and hugs. You light is going to shine bright!!

    Deb xo

  4. hola!
    Gracias por volver a nuestras vidas. Siempre he pensado que la vida siempre es superar obstáculos y que nunca es siempre lo que nosotros queremos. Ocho años atrás mi padre murió y me dolía hasta respirar. Logré superarlo mirando hacia adelante y ahora miro a los ojos de mi hijo de 5 meses y sólo puedo pensar que él no está aquí para disfrutar de su nieto. Pero hay que seguir adelante y disfrutar de lo que hay alrededor tuyo aunque no lo veas o no le des importancia: el sol que calienta tu cara un día de invierno, la risa de una niña pequeña,el silencio.... Caer siempre significa que debemos levantarnos; errar hace que aprendamos. Sigue adelante y arriésgate. Estaré aquí para leerte

  5. Monica muchísimas gracias por tu comentario. Tengo mucha suerte de tener a gente como tu que lee el blog y que me manda energía positiva para seguir adelante con fuerzas y ganas! Te mando un beso muy fuerte y muchos ánimos, perder a alguien tan querido debe ser lo más duro del mundo pero estoy segura que él estaría orgulloso de ti y de tu pequeño. Caer significa que debemos levantarnos, nunca mejor dicho! Un beso

  6. Debby, what can I say, you have been here since the very early days, and you know well how difficult it is to maintain the rhythm when life gives you indeed lemons. You are a fighter and an inspiration and have always been there for me, and I'm grateful. I hope things are well with you, I see your beautiful kids growing to be fine and caring people and that's all that matters. I will email you soon. Sending you a big kiss and massive thanks. Lots of love xxx

  7. Thank you Rachie, thank you thank you, I hope you are your lovely family are well. xxx

  8. Bring it on! Thank you Rowena. Big kisses and see you soon xxx


Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read A Diary of Lovely. I hope you will be coming again soon.

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