Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A bit of a personal one

These past couple of weeks have been, to say the least and put it mildly, challenging. Actually scratch that, the last 3 months have been challenging due to some personal issues. I could use much stronger words, but if you follow me for a while you know I avoid sharing anything too personal on here and I especially avoid sharing the worst moments in life. We all have moments of those and this is a supposedly "inspirational" blog and I only want/tend to share nice moments that I either live myself or find around and want to share. 

Having said that, the last two or so years have been.... let's say... not the very best all around, I've had my fair share of misfortunes, my wedding was called off (yep that did happen!), I left London, my job and my friends (yes it was my choice but you get the gist) and being back home feels a bit like a step backwards (or many sometimes!). I've had great moments too these past years and I'm being greatly taken care of at home, I can't complaint, all in all I'm grateful. But life has been... challenging probably because I made it more challenging for myself but being too scared to move on and onwards and having trouble finding my way back.

I'm a naturally indecisive person and new challenges scare me which makes all of the above a bit more difficult but I try to keep positive (always!) and while I do look back quite a lot (too much sometimes, with lots of nostalgia unfortunately unfunded!) I'm sure something better things are awaiting me somewhere. Damn, those Pinterest inspirational quotes can only do so much! Plus, one always learns from the hardest moments in life, how to be better, a better person, more caring, stronger and able to cope better with anything that might come along. 

Anyway, this rant, quite longer than my shorter posts, is to say that I'm in the middle of a bit of a hard time right now, and while I want to resume blogging as usual it might not be the best time to do so, so if you want, bear with me please, I will be back. 

Thank you xxx

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sezane new winter collection

One french brand I love is Sezane. Super stylish pieces that are created by their designer as base pieces to wear and to keep. Elegant and stylish and a bit effortless, just what we all think "french style" is all about. 
They have a few pieces that stay pretty much there all the time from what I can tell and launch capsule collections a few times each season. Yesterday they launched the latest (and last for this winter) collection and is full of beautiful pieces. Everything feels like super luxurious but very laid back, and while some pieces are a bit more of an investment I feel some pieces can be justified, especially the gorgeous leather bags and pretty shoes, but I Love pretty much everything! And the leopard pumps, on of their Essentiels are to die for!

Friday, February 06, 2015

The Bralette

When I buy lingerie, one of the pieces I love looking at are bralettes. 

I love the bralette, I talk about it as if it has its own life, but I do love the look of it. I don't like it on me that much, but I love buying them, they look so pretty in lovely lace, or seeing them, they are lookers and do look good in a picture. 

Yes, I'm still talking about an un animated piece of lingerie. 

There are many options in the market, in all price points. Some gorgeous lace ones, some others have silk in them. There are also many more budget friendly, Oysho for example has some lovely ones that won't break the bank. 

1st row: 1. Journelle | 2. | 3. Only Hearts
2nd row: 1. Mimi Holliday | 2. Yasmine Eslami | 3. Journelle
3rd row: 1. Skivvies | 2. Mimi Holliday | 3. Free People
4th row: 1. Journelle | 2. Hanky Panky | 3. Journelle

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Recipe: Tempura veggies

Since recently I never TRULY knew what tempura is (OMG I know!). I had a feeling of course but I'm no massive fan of sushi and sushi restaurants so I'm not all familiar. Now, how wrong was I to not know what exactly this delicious batter can do!
While I try to avoid as much as I can eating fried foods (sigh I love french fries though!!) this dish is truly scrumptious and a great appetizer. It's good to eat whatever tempura you make as soon as you can after you take it out of the pan/frier, let it cool a bit and devour it while it's still crispy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. 

We made artichokes (my FAVE!) and asparagus and also shrimps, not pictured because they didn't turn out all that beautiful but were good good good!


(for 4 people)

Tempura batter 
Cold water
Salt and pepper
2 bunches of asparragus
4 artichokes (you need to trim them and keep the little hearts)
Olive oil


Prepare the asparagus, wash them and cut the hard end bit. Cut your artichokes (check out this video to see a how-to). Place in a plater and salt and pepper

Prepare your batter. In a large bowl mix equal parts of tempura flour with very cold water, mix well with a spoon until your mixture is well combined. 

Coat all your veggies with the batter, make sure it is well coated to avoid having bits that are not well coated (like some bits in my pics!).

In a  heavy deep pan heat your oil over medium heat for 3-4 minutes, it has to be warm/hot. Gently place your vegetables into the hot oil, be careful! Don't throw them in or you can burn yourself. Place them gently. Turn the veggies so you get them fried evenly. Take them out once well fried (about 4-5 minutes) and let them drain on a paper towel. 

Enjoy warm when they are still crispy and yummy!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Weekend Wear

Happy Monday lovelies and happy new month, the month of love apparently?! I have never celebrated massively any love holiday, not only now that I'm single, even when I wasn't! Love should be celebrated on a daily basis, not once a year, right? 

On a completely unrelated matter, I'm wearing my 10 year old superga trainers in this post and I couldn't be more excited. They have been bleached cleaned and are white and sparkly once again, I actually like them so much better than the new pairs. A couple of years ago, or maybe a bit more, I bought a couple of pairs, white and blue, I gave away both pairs, they looked bulky on my feet and I couldn't get to like how they looked on me! The ones I'm wearing have so much wear that they look lovingly used in that way that we all love. 

The next couple of weeks are going to be long around here, I'm going to leave scheduled a few posts and come in whenever possible, keep thinking of me will you please?

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Coat: Mango | Jeans: Topshop | Trainers: Superga | Scarf: Zara | Rings: Prigkipw | Earrings: Day a Day | Bag: Mulberry

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