Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Recipe: Panacotta with berries coulis

Panacotta is a desert that may seem complicated (whaaaat!?!) but is insanely easy and incredibly yummy. All in all it's a simple cooked cream but it is amazingly creamy, a bit jelly and super delicious. I used to make this on occasions when I had guests back when I lived in London. The reason why is that it was easy to make the night before, let it set in the fridge and the next day it was ready to serve with an as-easy-to-make fruit coulis. The recipe I used this time mixes milk and double cream but I have also tried it with double cream only which makes it a bit more consistent. 


3 gelatine leaves (about 1 sachet of dried gelatine)
250 ml milk (I used semi skinny)
250 ml cream
1 tsp vanilla exract
25 gr sugar

for the coulis

150 gr rasberries (or strawberries)
25 gr sugar
water if you need to make the mixture runny


If you are using gelatine leaves place them in a deep plate/bowl with cold water and let them soften. Once soften, drain the water and pat them dry. 
In a pan simmer the milk, cream, vanilla and sugar. Simmer for about 10 minutes until it is cooked. Take out of the heat and add the soften dried gelatine leaves and mix well. 
Place the milk mixture in individual molds and let it cool before placing in the fridge for it to set overnight. 
Before serving or even before your guest arrive you can prepare the berries sauce by mixing them with the sugar. I don't cook the fruit, I use a hand blender and mix the fruit with the sugar until it's liquid enough, add a bit of water if the texture is not nice enough and make sure you taste it and add sugar if it's too sour. You can strain it before serving, especially if you are using raspberries. 

Serve straight out of the fridge with the sauce on top.

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