Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The bed side bulb

One of the "trends" I want to adopt in my next bedroom is the "one-single-bulb-pendant". I have seen it in a couple of bedrooms hanging in the middle of the room and really like it but what I would like to do is use it as a bed side light. Obviously I'm no trendsetter and it has been done (and dusted?) by many very skilfully and tastefully. Here are a few images to inspire you if you are looking to do the same. I love the idea of the light cord hanging from the ceiling but I also find it cool when it is hanged from a hook or the likes. 
What would be your option of choice? is this a look you like?

There are tons of choices in the market to pick from. 
This one on Etsy is a bit on the different side but just as gorgeous and would make a fabulous statement piece in any bedroom

If you want to ad glamour then you should pick these crystal like bulbs. You can find them on Lee Broom

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  1. I really like it for a laid back vibe. And a cluster over a kitchen table!

  2. Love these but I would definitely end up breaking them - exposed glass and me = not a good combo!

  3. I do like this look! I love the pic. with the entire bunch of single bulbs!! Heaven. xo


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