Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kitchen rugs inspiration

One look I really like in the kitchen is having a rug on the floor. In London I had a very ugly kitchen floor and covering was not an option but a need. I remember I had a red small rug that gave a much needed pop of colour and later on I added a black and white floral patterned one that I really liked. I think it adds a bit of texture and dimension. In a large kitchen it can also be a focal point but using it for example under a central island. 
My personal choice is something big and bold that can be a statement piece, preferably with lots of colours and probably something a bit tribal or a bit antique. 

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  1. Dear Helena, even my personal choice are the elements with a
    lot of colours. I think that a small colorful rug can bring the kitchen to life…
    add personality and even joy. If you
    want to have a look at a different rug style, we invite you to check out our
    social enterprise products: hand-made, felt wool ball rugs in 69 color options.
    This is what our 70+ lady artisans create for most of our European clients:


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