Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Recipe: Fig jam

If you have been following along for a while you might recall that one of my first recipes last year was a brie and figs french toast. It was back when I first learned to actually eat figs! 
Figs season is almost over but I still wanted to show you this INCREDIBLY easy recipe in case you have leftover figs or maybe you are a jam lover. In any case, this one is ridiculously easy so don't fret and make it!


(makes a small batch - this is mainly intended for a small group breakfast or to last a few days, not to make jam for ever)

10 medium figs or 7-8 larger ones
1 cup granulated sugar (or 1/2 sugar and 1/2 good quality honey)
a few lemon drops
(you can potentially add a stick of cinnamon)


You can either make your jam with the skin on or not. I leave it to you, it's up to what you like best, figs with skin or without! I made mine without. So I peeled them all,  put them in a heavy bottom pan over medium heat, added the sugar and a few drops of lemon and stirred for a good wile. If it's too runny you should increase the heat and if it's too gooey just lower it a bit. Be careful when you increase the heat as the jam might start bubbling and it might spill out and you might get burnt. 

Cook for about 20-30 minutes. Take off the heat, let it cool and place in a jar. When it has cooled of, place in the fridge. I don't think it can last very long so enjoy pronto!

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