Friday, September 05, 2014

Athens: Visiting the Acropolis Museum

One of the things I really REALLY wanted to do this summer that is coming to its end was visit the Acropolis and its museum (I included it in my Best Summer Ever list too!). I went to the Acropolis early on when I first arrived (I blogged about it here) and I finally managed to visit the museum too just before I left. Could this summer be any better? Definitely one of the #bestsummerever

I had heard really good comments about the museum and I wanted to see it by myself, I definitely wasn't disappointed, Greece is definitely ready to host it's long awaited marbles and hopefully one day those will come back to where they truly belong. 

Now coming back to the museum. It's big, it's sleek and modern, airy and incredibly minimalist. 
The museum is located just underneath the Acropolis Hill and has lovely views of the monument, after your fascinating tour around the ancient beauties you can seat in the exterior restaurant and enjoy a lovely meal (I had the yummiest chickpeas ever!) under the breathtaking Acropolis. 

Now, I'm no specialist so I don't want to spoil it for you but if you want a virtual tour you should definitely read this

The museum as seen from the Acropolis hill

Pictures are not allowed everywhere in the museum, but here are a few of what i thought was the most impressive areas, looks how incredibly spacious and sleek it all is! I LOVED IT!

And this is where you can enjoy a lovely meal or just a coffee. The  restaurant at the Acropolis Museum has been voted as one of the best museum restaurants in the world so don't look it down, I still remember those delicious chickpeas with sun dried tomatoes and that incredible bread!

What have you been up to? How has been going back to reality after the summer? I have been telling you about my summer but I would love to hear what you have done! Do share lovelies!

 #malibuUK helped me enjoy the #bestsummerever I hope you are enjoying them as much as I did! 

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