Friday, July 25, 2014

The Acropolis

On my second post about this amazing hill set in the middle of Athens I want to show you the big highlight, the Parthenon and the surrounding ancient building of the Acropolis.
Unfortunately this beauty was badly damaged during the many wars that the city has suffered, the Acropolis was even used as a gunpowder storage in the 1687 siege by the Venetians. However its beauty and grandeur can still be enjoyed. 
Again I recommend visiting early morning if it's one of the very hot days, I went about an hour before it's close time on a cloudy day and it was magnificent, there were all kind of skies and lights and it was breathtaking. The views of Athens from there are also worth seeing. 
I can't wait to visit the Museum very soon!

The amazing view from the entrance, called Propylae. I absolutely love the light picking through the stubborn clouds. Athens is a very big city and the views from here leave you in awe.

This is a drawing of what the entrance (Propylae) might have looked like back in time, pretty stunning if you ask me! There are only a few columns left but I think it is as impressive, especially considering the many years that have passed and the incredible architectural power those buildings had. 

The Old Temple of Athena (the front of the Erechteion) is another favourite of many, with the Caryatid standing proudly and supporting the amazing ode to the city protector. Unfortunately these specific Caryatids are not the real deal, one of the originals, taken by Lord Elgin in the 19th Century is now housed in the British Museum in London and the other 5 are placed in the newly opened Museum of the Acropolis. Hopefully one day they can be all 6 reunited. 

Now, how you already started planning your trip to Athens and Greece? 


  1. I was in Greece for the first time this month for a friend's wedding. It turns out her aunt, who lives in Athens, is an archaeologist. She graciously gave us a guided tour of the museum and the Acropolis; it was fantastic!
    I'd totally recommend going into the museum (bright, airy, and air conditioned) where they keep the original marbles -- protected from the elements and really nicely cleaned. Worth going in just for the Caryatid you mentioned. Beautiful women, but with a powerful feeling of strength in their beauty. The missing Caryatid was front and centre, not sure if that's the one Elgin took off with, or if they just really wanted to highlight its absence.
    Thank you for the great pictures -- lovely to relive my visit!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous. Talk about history and stepping back into time. I would love to visit in person one day!


Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read A Diary of Lovely. I hope you will be coming again soon.

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