Thursday, July 03, 2014

Recipe: Cheesecake Brownie

My friend is visiting from London and my mom remembered how much she loved the cheesecake brownie she used to bring back from her home when I was in London. So I asked her to ask her own mom for the recipe and yesterday we made a batch of this scrumptious and super delicious treat. 


3/4 of good quality cocoa (we added a few shavings of good quality milk chocolate)
2 cups of confectionary sugar
250 gr of unsalted butter
5 eggs
1 cup of a.p. flour
2 tbsp vanilla essence
1 tbsp brandy

for the cheesecake
2 Philadelphia 
1 egg
1/4 confectionary sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla


Pre heat oven to 170ºC. 
Melt the butter and mix it with the flour in a bowl, set aside while you prepare the rest.
In a bowl mix the eggs with the vanilla and brandy, add the sugar and mix well to avoid any sugar lumps. Add the cocoa and keep mixing (you can use a mixer of course or by hand). Add the butter/flour mixture and mix. 
Grease your pan with butter. We used an oval large(ish) pyrex but you can use any pan you want. 
Place your chocolate mixture in the pan. Prepare the cheese mixture by mixing the cheese, egg and sugar. Once everything is well mixed, place it on top of the chocolate mixture, create swirls to make it even better!!
Bake on 170ºC for about 35-40 minutes. 
Let it cool a bit before enjoying! YUM

Thank you Elina for you delicious recipe!!


  1. Cheesecake is my favorite! These look super yummy! Going to have to making them myself.

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