Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Decor Pro's living room

I stumbled upon the living room of Spanish Elle Deco's Director, Marta Rioperez,  and I loved it so much I really wanted to share it today. What I love the most is that it feels a super comfortable and loved up space, full of beautiful beloved objects and art where textures, colours and elements interact beautifully creating a stunning space. 
One of the most striking features is the big shelving unit made of oak, designed by the owner herself and built around the windows in order to allow the natural light to flow. The dining room was built on a covered old terrace and that allows for even more light to come in, a dream come true! 
Oh I'm so jealous! This is exactly the kind of home I'm dreaming of, a warm space where all my favourite things and people live and a place where I can fully enjoy life. Well, all I need now is pack my stuff, call a moving company like Fn Worldwide and get to it! Well I decide where I want to live next! 

Photos via Elle Deco Spain 

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