Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Wear

Barcelona is wonderful in the summer, albeit usually a bit too humid and a bit too warm but this summer we've had a couple of rain spells and some colder days which is also refreshing and welcoming! One of my good friend's from London is staying over this week and we are doing a bit of tourism here and there, enjoying gelato, shopping the sales and dining in and out. This is the perfect outfit for such activities, I bought this dress from Uniqlo in NY and I haven't taken it out, very flattering and super comfortable, perfect summer piece!!

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Dress: Uniqlo | Bag: J.Crew (old) | Belt: Topshop (old) | Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Eat in Barcelona: Basilico

I love being able to bring you ideas of things to do in Barcelona, my lovely city, there are many places to visit, incredible restaurants to dine and wine, beautiful roof terraces to enjoy your evening drink! Barcelona is a top city for most types of visitors and can cater most wishes. 
Last week for example I visited Basilico, a restaurant on the Paralel Avenue, there are many bars around the area but not many places to enjoy a nice meal in a modern setting so I was very pleasantly surprised. It's part of the Grup Andilana so I knew it would be carefully decorated and would have a smart and easy menu with local carefully selected ingredients. And I wasn't wrong!

We started by trying their famed patatas bravas (a traditional appetiser made of fried hand cut potatoes served with alioli and spiced tomato sauce).  Patatas bravas are tricky and not always a success but these were crispy outside and soft and well made inside with a delicious sauce. We also tried the fried calamari with lime alioli, I'm a fan of fan calamari and the lime addition was a nice little addition to the whole. 

We then onto beef carpaccio for me with green pistachios and caramelised modena vinegar. Such a lovely light dish, would be perfect during a summer warm evening. As mains, which by that time, we were both super full and content, I tried the duck magret with Cerdenya trinxat (a mix of potoatoes and cabbage) and mushrooms and mom had a lovely pork skewer. We both wished we were hungrier to truly enjoy properly! 
The cuisine at Basilico is a mixture of local mediterranean dishes with a touch of asias best tastes, a really lovely combination done in a very tasteful manner. 

I can't recommend it enough. Prices are reasonable and it's a great choice if you are in the area or staying around the Plaza EspaƱa neighbourhood. 


The service was welcoming and always smiling and when warm you can even enjoy your meal in the nice little area they have outside. The interiors are comfortable, with wooden tables and large mirrors, a bit dark but not too dark to make it uncomfortable. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The kitchen at Donnington Barn

This kitchen is what rustic dreams are made of. It obviously belongs to an english barn 1h40 minutes away from Paddington Station in Central London and is available for rent through this super place where you can rent incredible houses for specific location needs, you know what kind of sites right? Those that have THOSE amazing intouchable properties? 
This kitchen is pure perfection, lots of rustic elements but all modern comforts. A big glass door that opens up to the garden to enjoy an al fresco lunch or dinner makes it even more desirable. 

I also love the bedrooms, check one of them here and go see them by yourself here. The headboard in one of the bedrooms is from Loaf (which I love and would absolutely buy get everything from them if I could!). 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Recipe: Strawberries and Cream cold desert

Apologies if you have already been here to see this post, I had a small glitch yesterday and didn't come up as planned. 
Now, this is the desert my mom made for my birthday back in May. I didn't want anything fancy or anything really cake-y really but she insisted that we had to make something for the occasion. This is BEYOND easy, in Greece they call it "the lazy girl desert". You only need a few ingredients and time.

1 punet of strawberries, remove their stems
500 gr whipped cream (which you can buy at a good bakery or make it yourself with this recipe)
1 packet of savoiardi biscuits/lady fingers
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp liquor of your choice
1 glass of water

If you are making your whipped cream yourself, prepare it and keep it cold. 
Prepare your sirup by boiling the water with the sugar and liquor over medium heat until the sugar has completely dissolved. Remove from heat and let it cool completely. 
I used a round cake tin but you can use any recipient. 
Once your sirup has cooled completely start soaking your lady fingers lightly and placing them at the bottom on your pan covering it all. Once all covered distribute evenly the cream. Here you can either stop as it is or make another layer of lady fingers and another batch of cream and then place the strawberries on top or just put more cream and the strawberries which is what we did here. 
Put in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours, I would recommend making it the night before. Eat cold.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Wear

The first weekend of this 2014 summer has been a really lovely one! My friend Alix was visiting from London and it was great been reminded how great it is to see friends that you don't see often! I'm grateful for all the amazing friends I have! We had yummy food both at home (thanks Mom! did you see my Mom's paella on Instagram?) and out, walked A LOT and got to visit places I don't usually go in the city (the super cute bar at the W Hotel next to the beach!). All in all a great couple of days. 
Perfect for this little summer outfit! 

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Tee and shorts: Zara | Shoes: Oysho | Bag: Vivienne Westwood c/o Sarenza | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Necklace: H&M

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Sale Post

That time of the year has arrived again, SALE season is here.

Here is my Sale wish list from across a selection of some of my most loved stores. When Sale shopping expensively, which is rarely, I tend to focus on accesories that I can wear for years to come, a good handbag (I actually purchased my Paddington Mulberry on sale years ago!), a pair of classic shoes or other smaller pieces that can resist the pass of time and trends. I also love buying beauty products on sale! Best bargains!

(the beauty sale is great BUT it will have to be done in store as their online selection is limited)

Fantastic Shoe selection, and great sales prices,  both in store and online

The Online Shopping Mecca - obviously the easiest here is to have an idea of what you might want, there is way too much to go through if not!

Another fave for designer clothing

John Lewis
My fave Brit mega store - lots of more affordable brands (like Ted Baker, Hobbs and Whistles). I got myself a little Coach classic crossover bag for a great price!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ideal Closet

This is the most perfect little outfit for summer. Albeit not for those of you who work in an office environment (well at least not for a strict one) but it's perfect for a more relaxed type of outfit, aka little weekend stroll quick outfit. The little denim jacket is a real must and a classic it's well worth spending a bit of money on because you will wear it pretty much forever. And these are the sandals you will live in ALL summer. These specifically are Ancient Greek Sandals (I love them all and WANT THEM ALL). I have a pair (these ones) and have worn them non stop!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New York: in my belly!

Hello lovelies, I'm back! After a lovely week away in NY, I'm back home with lots of lovely memories of a fantastic city that I always dreamt of visiting. I can finally say I have done it, and I definitely loved it! Such a different city from anywhere else I have lived or visited. It is definitely true that you can do anything in NY, you only need a big wallet and a bi appetite, and that's what this post is about: FOOD! Here are some of my recommendations 

Momofuku Milk Bar - Birthday Cake Truffles
Try to make it to one of their shops. The classic Bday truffles are delicious! If you can't make it but still want to try them you can attempt making them, I might!

A lovely little spot perfect for brunch. They didn't have french toast but have these amazing rosewater waffles with lebanese yogurt and berries! and the cutest little sugar sachets.

Aria Wine Bar - West Village
I read about this little italian bistro on The Londoner and while in the area it was a great choice. I would have loved trying Pastis but it's shut until 2015. very close to Magnolia Bakery if you want a sweet treat afterwards!

Shake Shack - Madison Square and other locations
ooooog my dirty fave! The Madison Square location is perfect in spring and summer with it's fairy lights hanging. Long queues when I went but definitely worth it if you like burgers. Their custard ice cream is quite delicious too.

Cafe La Esquina - Brooklyn
One of the best meals I had in NY! It's a mexican dinner in Williamsburg with a lovely outdoor patio. I had the most delicious ever pulled pork sandwich, still dreaming about seconds!

Factory and store two in one. Dark chocolate made in Brooklyn. It doesn't come cheap but smells and tastes delicious. A must for any dark chocolate fan. 

The Cupping Room - Soho - West Broadway
Another brunch place, also for breakfast, lunch or dinner of course. Big big plates. I read about it on The Frugality.

Katz's Deli - 205 East Houston Street
After a visit at the John Derian store we walked to Katz's Deli. All I knew is that it was a very old deli, when you enter you see a very big room with tables and you get handed a ticket. You order at the till and one of their specialities is their famous pastrami sandwich. A must try indeed.

Union Square farmer's market - North and West side of Union Square
fruit, honey, pastries, vegs anything you can think of!

Phew! Long post but I hope you enjoyed it!
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