Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A London home by the canal

This massive photography caught my eye on Pinterest, I have been looking a lot lately at aerial, beach and pool art, I'm sure you have been too, after all it's a trend. Then when I clicked through I found a lovely reformed house in London in a neighbourhood I lived for a little while (granted in a not very pretty apartment) and so I have fond memories. This typical West London house has been a project realised by the architectural firm Dos Architects and it features incredibly lovely details and a kitchen and patio extension that make me drool. What is your fave bit of this house tour?

Photos Via: OOTD Magazine


  1. The giant print is so cool! I think it might be by Gray Malin. Love these examples Helena!

  2. I love this home tour. It's so comfy and light and inviting. I have been drawn to anything with summer, water, blue skies - the winter is too long. Hope your week is going well. xoxo

  3. I love those Tom Dixon pendants (and the artwork of course). Have you looked at Gray Malin?

  4. I loved the print too Anna, it's what caught my eye too!! Hope you are well xx

  5. I love Gray Malin Katy, I have been looking at his work a lot lately, wish it was a bit less pricey ;-)

  6. Debby!! I hope you are well too, your comments always make me happy!! xxx


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