Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Heal's Challenge Video

This is the video Heal's put together of the making off of the living room I designed  for the #healschallenge. You might remember I shared it with you some time ago together with my inspiration, the sofa I picked amongst all the Heal's sofas was the Regal, I loved the English feel. My board looked like this:

Myself and 7 other bloggers put together our thinking caps and each of us created our dream living room. The winner would have their living room created in the Tottenham Court Road store in London and in some other stores across the UK (like the Guildford one). 

I was chuffed to be picked as the winner, I would have never ever thought I would win, all the other rooms were great! Here you can see all the living rooms created. 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there for the making of the set in the Tottenham Court Road Heal's store but I loved watching the video and seeing the photos, it felt like I was there!

 photo 9298b138-8854-485d-878b-3f9b3fa98872_zps9f490b39.jpg
 photo 0a623645-0468-407f-a29b-189f19d1c82b_zpsfbf7cd1a.jpg
 photo 5970b177-a152-48d2-86e1-31556243b313_zps95b3fed2.jpg

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