Thursday, August 01, 2013

Ideal Closet

This pink dress is really lovely. I love the length, it would work really nicely with a pair of flat sandals; I would love to wear something like this for a stroll. The Pashli bag makes this look a bit more apt for a city outfit and the gold statement necklace  ads the glam element. 
What would you wear this dress with? Would you wear it as a more dress up piece or a day to day simple but fabulous dress?

Get it


  1. Such a cute pink dress, i love it! I just got these new women sandals and they would look SO good with this. I gotta get it

  2. Love your Ideal Closet posts. Always so pretty.

  3. Love this dress - I have a wedding in October and am looking for a pastel coloured pink dress and this looks perfect! xoxo


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