Friday, August 30, 2013

Les Deux Tours Hotel - The pool

Les Deux Tours Hotel
Les Deux Tours Hotel
Les Deux Tours Hotel

The pool at Les Deux Tours Hotel in Marrakech is so pretty it deserves its own very own post. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen some snaps from it. My mom and I pretty much spend our whole Marrakech trip enjoying our time around the pool. Even on a grey day (yes, we even had some rain!) it looked and felt incredibly stunning. It was never too busy and at some times of the day (usually early evenings) we had it for ourselves. You can order drinks, yummy juices, and have lunch by the pool, the staff is incredibly welcoming and always ready to help with any need, I have never seen such great service! If you go early enough you can even grab the four poster bed! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Les Deux Tours Hotel - The Gardens

I really wanted to tell you about the hotel my mom and I stayed while in Marrakech. I really enjoyed our stay at Les Deux Tours and because there are many aspects I wanted to share with you I have split it in various posts. This first one is about the beautiful lush gardens surrounding the property. Les Deux Tours is located about 15 minutes outside Marrakech in La Palmeraie area, a pretty much lush of green in the middle of the palm grove. My mom and I wandered around the gardens every day and every day we discovered something new, be it the massage little outdoors shed or one of the amazing four poster bed scattered all over. 

There were many places to seat down and drink an orange juice, beautiful ponds with fishes and turtles (a special post coming on that soon!). The hotel gardens were beautiful during the day and at night, with beautiful lit candles and morrocan lanterns. A dream for sure. 

I couldn't stop myself and went along to discover all the secret nooks all over this beautiful place. 
The hotel also has an orchard where they grow their own vegetables and later serve them at the lovely restaurant. They also have chickens and goats which makes this place even more unique.

All Photos by A Diary of Lovely

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sunday Outfit in Marrakech

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Shorts: Zara (similarsimilar) | Top: H&M (similar) | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Sandals: Zara (similar) | Bag: Michael Kors c/o Sarenza (similar)

I wore this outfit to go for dinner al Al Fassia in the Gueliz area of Marrakech. The lovely setting is the gardens of the hotel we stayed, Les Deux Tours, which I will share more about tomorrow. While I spent most of my time in my bikinis in the evening we wore our most refreshing outfits to either venture it to the city or walk around the incredibly Les Deux Tours gardens. True bliss. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle

One of the highlights of m trip to Marrakech was visiting the Jardin Majorelle. We walked from Gueliz which was quite a bit of a walk under the sun so my first recommendation is grab a taxi, I wish we had done it too! The jardin is a lush creation of exotic plants, bushy trees and refreshing ponds all surrounding a beautiful blue building influenced by Moorish and Art deco details. When the sun is shining you can refuge yourself amongst it's shades and is a welcome break of the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. 
The gardens were designed and created by French expat artist Jacques Majorelle between the 1920's and 1930's when Morroco was a French protectorate. The gardens opened to the public in 1947 and host an incredible number of plants and birds. I'm completely in love with the incredibly cobalt blue shade splattered all across the garden,  it's incredibly vibrant, powerful and full of life, I think it works incredibly well against the lush greens of the garden and the blue morrocan sky. The garden were bought by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner in 1980, restored to its glory and wonderfully conserved since then. The designer's ashes were scattered there after his death, true love.  
All picture by A Diary of Lovely

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back from Marrakech with a Handira blanket

handira blanket Marrakech
handira blanket Marrakech
handira blanket Marrakech

I'm back from a wonderful stay in Marrakech and I have only wonderful joyful memories. I have planned a few posts this week as one post wouldn't do it justice. First is the lovely handira blanket my mom got me. When we decided to go to Marrakech I knew I wanted two and only two things, one white pouff and a wedding blanket. While the whole souk experience wasn't my major highlight we managed to find what we were looking and I couldn't be happier. The pouff is a lovely white coloured, beautiful size and I can't wait to fill it an find a place for it to live in. 
The blanket is antique (beware, they also sell new ones, so make sure you ask for an antique one), the place we went had many with different patterns. It was one of the carpets stores in the souk. Make sure you bargain, a lot, I'm happy with what we paid but I'm sure someone with better haggling skills could get an even better price so don't be shy.

I'm probably going to use it as a bedding piece like most people do, but I also like the idea of hanging it on the wall.

handira blanket
black handira blanket

Handira blankets, or also called wedding blankets are hand woven usually in wool and covered in sequins and metallic tokens. They are hand made by the Berber women in the High Atlas Mountain region in Morocco. These blankets are woven by the bride's family and are/were worn during the ceremony as a cape, there is a bit more historic in this article in Apartment Therapy

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Off I go, again!

Today I'm flying with mom mom to Marrakech and I can't wait. It's been a long time that we have both been saying how we wanted to go somewhere the 2 of us and it had not happened. This summer has been a bit of a different one and the most perfect moment for us to finally go on that trip we had been talking about. 
I booked ourselves in a lovely hotel outside Marrakech and I can't wait to spend some relaxing time out there. I'll definitely show you everything upon my return next week. See you soon!

Les Deux Tours Hotel
Les Deux Tours Hotel

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Mediterranean full of light house

A stonewashed white house. A beautifully made home, in tune with the beautiful surroundings. Very simple yet very very sophisticated. This house, located in the Costa Brava, was until recently an ice cream factory stones away from the sea. The rehabilitation is beyond gorgeous and incredibly respectful. 
The interior is just as stunning, fresh and quintessentially Mediterranean, exposed brims, lots of natural light and an abundance of whites predominates this home. No doors in order to create this light and spacious feeling. A true heaven.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A triple Band

I was looking at antique signet rings and came across this beauty at Berganza, I love perusing their always gorgeous stock. This is no signet rings I'm well aware, but it's so unique and pretty. It's a triple band made of rubies, diamonds and sapphires. I had never seen a flip ring, I'm not sure if it's something common or not, or if it was in the past but I find it incredibly smart, because one day you might feel blue and the next red, diversity and choice is the key. 
I'm super excited about this week, on Wednesday I'm flying to Marrakech with my mom and I'm really looking forward to it. Have a great week friends!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Make it: vertical crab salad

This is such an easy recipe I'm a bit ashamed to share it here however it is incredibly yummy, fresh and perfect for summer so I couldn't pass this opportunity. It's a great summer one plate dinner or could make a fantastic starter. And it's a vertical salad, which can make for a great conversation starter.

Printable recipe here

(serves one)
One fresh mozzarella
One ripe large tomato
Grated crab sticks (surimi) I used this brand and it's also where I got the recipe from
Olive oil, Balsamic reduction 
Salt and pepper

Cut your tomato and mozzarella in slides, I have to be honest, I didn't prepare this will the thought of blogging about but then while cutting my ingredients I thought it would make a good recipe, a quick one and here it is, hence it doesn't look super great (the tower did fall just before taking the pics ooops!)
Place your bed of lettuce on the plate. Prepare your vinaigrette, super easy, just mix your olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper and stir well. Throw a bit of it on your lettuce bed. Place one slice of tomato and one of mozzarella then place some of the grated surimi, align with some vinaigrette. Start over with your tomato,  mozzarella and surimi until you create a small tower with your ingredients. Align with the rest of your vinaigrette and make sure you serve quickly before it falls all over. 
Bon appetit and have a great weekend!

Printable recipe here

Thursday, August 15, 2013

If you want a bread bin, get this one!

Sometime ago I received a bread bin to check out, yep a bread bin, but not any bread bin. Up until now I had never really thought about getting a bread bin myself (well I had but the lack of space in my London kitchen didn't really allow and I never thought it was a necessity), that's until I got THIS specific one from a company called Garden Trading. They have stunning objects for the home, lovely things for the kitchen, household and garden and other stuff like lights, small furniture all with a very rustic english style. 
I will use this bread bin lots, to store fresh bread, it definitely lasted a couple days more than usual, also to store dry toasted bread, or pastries, I'm thinking it will be a real winner in my kitchen. It is large (yes it is, for a tiny kitchen it might be a bit too large and take up too much precious counter space but IT LOOKS SO GOOD), and well built and comes in 3 lovely colours. You can find them here on the Garden Trading website.

And don't you think it would look great in any of these stunning kitchens? Swoon! Now that I have the perfect bread bin I only need my dream kitchen!

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Disclaimer: The bread bin was a gift of the Garden Trading, all opinions are my own and I only write about companies that are aligned with my aesthetic. 
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