Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Pack your suitcase with Hush

Happy Fourth of July to my Americans friends! I hope you have a fantastic day!
Hush is one of those quintessentially English brands. The started making nightwear (their pyjamas are to die for!! soft in beautiful prints or plain in luxurious fabrics)and lounge wear that was soft, felt luxurious and was close to affordable. Their orders arrive beautifully packaged and their gift boxes are sturdy and beautifully designed, I love brands that take a visually pleasing approach from start to finish.  Sometime ago, I was approached and was asked what I would take from their collection on three different types of holidays: A day at the beach, a weekend away and a city break. 
PS: The Hush sale is NOW ON!

So here goes.
For the Beach Day I didn't have anywhere specifically in mind, but I thought of a long quasi deserted beach. I would wear the Hush fuchsia dress because I can't have enough of its beautiful colour and seems super comfy, I hate it when beach wear is tight and unflattering. Maybe I would lounge on a hammock and have a picnic by the sea. While I don't like lounging on the sand I love the idea of walking barefooted soaking my feet in the water. Check out my Pinterest board here

For my weekend away, I planned a trip to rural France. To a small charming village, where I could do everything that is so cliché and so French  Have brioches and croissants for breakfast, yummy baguettes filled with French sausages and ripe tomatoes and bike amidst lavender fields. My suitcase would be packed with comfortable trouserswedged sandals, pretty dresses and something to keep me warm in case there is a breeze in the evening while I chill in the relaxing patio of the rented house or eat al fresco with good friends while laughing. 

For more inspiration and lovely clothes to wear check out my Weekend Away board here
Finally, for my City Break, I had it super clear that it had to be New York. Busy, stylish and cosmopolitan, a city where the Hush clothes are just perfect; leggings, layers, a cross body bag and ankle boots would make my perfect outfit to walk around the city. 

What do you think? Which one of these 3 getaways options would be your cup of tea? It's so difficult to chose as they are all so different, but if I had to pick, I would go for New York first, then the France weekend away and then the idyllic beach scenario. Oh I wish I could go to all of these wearing all the beauties from Hush! 

Via: All sources can be found in my specific Pinterest boards: A Beach Day ¦ A Weekend Away ¦ A City Break


  1. I can't choose! What gorgeous images. Happy 4th!!!

  2. Gorgeous images, makes me want to go on a little vacay!

  3. Tell me about it Krysten! I'd love to pick my virtual suitcase and pack away to any of these destinations!!


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