Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Make it: Pesto Salmon

I saw today's recipe on Lauren's Instagram, her friend Teri made it and it looked so yummy and healthy I had to ask her if I could recreate it and share with you guys, Lauren obliged and here it is!

I didn't have a recipe on hand but I thought it couldn't be too complicated, I make pven baked salmon often at home and this looked like a different version of it.
Let's do it then, gather your ingredients:

Printable recipe here

(serves two)
2 fillets of fresh salmon, 1 bunch of asparagus, 2 potatoes, 300gr of cherry tomatoes (about 8oz)
2-3 tbsp of pesto (I bought it but you can easily make it too, I have tried this recipe and loved it, I added parmesan cheese to it)
Salt, pepper, olive oil to season

The method is as you can imagine beyond easy. 
Preheat oven to 180º - 200º (350F - 400F) mine is a very old oven but I would say it corresponds to that. Place your salmon fillets in a baking pan (skin side down), drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. Cook for about 8 minutes, take the pan out and add the asparagus and tomatoes, drizzle with oil and add salt and pepper too. Coat your salmon with some pesto. Cook for a further 8-10 minutes or until the salmon flakes easily with a fork and the veggies are nicely cooked. 

While your salmon is in the oven, wash the potatoes, cute them in chunky bits, boil them for 10 - 13 minutes, drain them and cook them lightly on medium heat in a small pan (add some olive oil), while cooking crush them softly. 
Serve and enjoy a uber healthy and delicious meal. Perfect for a summer soiree. 

Massive thanks to Lauren and to Tina for allowing me to share this recipe here today. 
People, make this, it's easy, healthy and delicious.

Printable recipe here

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  1. It really is!! :) Let me know if you make it xx

  2. Oh this looks delicious!! We have some salmon in the freezer- definitely know what I'll be doing with it now!! xx

  3. Glad to hear you will be trying it Alice! xx

  4. Thanks for featuring the recipe. Really glad you enjoyed it! I made the pesto with Jamie Oliver's super easy recipe .....
    Gives you a sense of achievement even though it's just throwing a load of things in a blender :D

  5. This looks absolutely delicious. Can't wait to try it!


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