Friday, July 19, 2013

Beauty: Sun protection

When the sun shines... protect yourself! This is the first of a series of beauty posts I have prepared, I hope you enjoy them. 
This is more of a beach beauty/sun protection post but with the sun burning so much lately, face sun protection is a must. I wear bare minerals all year round with 15SPF and absolutely love it. Here are my summer heroes. 

Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect 30: I love the texture of this, it's watery which means you can just spray it and apply evenly without getting all sticky, to me that's a massive plus. This is my starter sun protector. I use it at the very beginning of my holiday (or when I start sunbathing in general). I assume some people even go higher when they start and I might regret it later but I think 30 is the ideal for my skin tone. This one is also very water resistant which means you don´t need to apply all the time but even if you want to the texture is great for multiple application. 

Hawaiian Tropic Dry Spray Oil 15: This one is one of my all time faves. It's for when you are already a bit (quite) tanned as it does't protect as much as the Garnier but I always believed it allowed you to tan better and faster (maybe it's a myth though so don't quite me on that!). While I don't love it's texture, I like the way your skin looks when slathered with oil. If your skin in fair I would avoid using such low protection factor.

Supergoop Everyday Face and Body Moisturizer 30: For the face go high or go home, is 30 high enough? I could probably go a lot higher and avoid nose sunburns indeed, but generally 30 does it for me. I tried this one last summer and I liked it, it's creamy but still light and it didn't irritate my skin so I'll use it again this year. 

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Aloe Vera cooling gel: I love this! If you put it in the fridge it's even better. Aloe vera is great for your skin and works wonders for sensible skin that has been exposed to lots of sun (or sunburnt!) and the cool factor is a massive plus. I love it's texture, while it's a bit gooey I like that it refreshes your skin and soothes it.

And don't forget your hat!


  1. Hats are never wrong in the summer heat :)

  2. Sun protection is so important! I love la Roche Posay for my face because it doesn't leave any residue, although super goop sounds good! I hope you are keeping cool in the heatwave!


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