Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Madame Shou Shou, Made in Greece

This week I'm going to try and dedicated to all things Greece, I'm going to try and highlight things, people, beauties from this incredible country that is suffering and trying to recover. 
This is a long overdue post, I came across these tiny super cute bikinis last summer, the little bow on the back enamoured me. I did a bit of research and came across the brand, Madame Shou Shou, the brainchild of young Greek designer Elina Kordali. The brand was an instant hit in Greece and I know a lot of people are waiting patiently (or not so much) for the new collection to hit the stores at the end of March. Below is the photo shoot from last year's collection, imagine how good the new one is going to be?

Elina Kordali studied in Milan and Barcelona and creates beautiful clothes and swimwear, very romantic but playful at the same time. Very mediterranean and very stylish. You can find more about all the new (and old) stuff on the Madame Shou Shou Facebook page, have a look and you can thank me later. I know what bikini I will be wearing this year!


  1. Cute!! Can't wait to see what else you post from Greece.

  2. So keen to visit Greece, and I'm looking forward to these posts!! Those swimsuits look BEAUTIFUL though, I am suddenly in need of a new one....!! xx


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