Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday Likes

Friday at least and here is what I liked this week. 
It has definitely been Jennifer Lawrence's week (how gorgeous did she looked at the Oscars last Sunday, and how cute is this pic with Bradley Cooper?), and oh what a week it has been for this young beauty. I think this has been the week we all had a girl crush on her. Am I right?

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

If I had the space in the kitchen I would love to put together a coffee station, one with colourful tins, pretty cups, yummy smelling coffee and a super machine.

coffee station

I know this is an oldie, and lots of you might have seen it on the Glitter Guide but I missed it back in spring.  This is a really really good house tour. The home of Heidi Merrick is exactly the right mix of glam and cozy together. 

Heidi Merrick house tour
Heidi Merrick house tour

I have wanted to make a plain yogurt cake all this week, but lack of time hasn't let me. I'll definitely make it over the weekend. Super yummy and simple! Enjoy the weekend friends!!

yogurt cake


  1. Love all these pictures!!! That yogurt cake looks so good! Have a fab weekend!!

  2. I love the idea of a coffee station... but for me, it would have to be a tea station. Think amazing kettle, beautiful mugs, and pretty tins or kilner jars filled with all sorts of exciting teas.... YES PLEASE! :) x

  3. give me that coffee station!


  4. those tins are so lovely! I love to have a nice coffee station like that


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