Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Rou Estate in Corfu

You all know my love for Greece, my second country is suffering and needs all our support. If you are thinking for your perfect summer holiday destination, look no further, Greece with its many island is the perfect place to lose yourself into a dream.
Corfu, in the Ionian Sea has some incredible places, and it this small paradise there is an stunning, beyond this world estate that offers luxury accommodation and an incredible holiday experience. The Rou Estate was purchased in 2004 by a British architect and transformed to its actual glory. The Estate has 13 independent houses. I picked some of my fave, make sure you check it out and pick your fave. Thankfully dreaming is still free.
The Plumbago House, a five bedroom secluded house with incredible views and a private infinity pool. It's like a dream come true (for those of you keen to keep healthy there is even a mini gym on site!)

The Campanula House

The Hestia House, a traditional village home 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shops: Magnolia Antic

I love finding little shops that make my heart flutter a little bit. When I came across Magnolia Antic in Barcelona this is exactly what happened.  I saw this photo of the blue vintage china, and the coloured glassware and I thought, this is a shop I would like to visit, and that's what I will do next time I'm in Barcelona.  

I actually came across Magnolia Atic through their hats. Their vintage fashion selection seems well thought and chosen. I love the idea of a curated small collection of beautiful pieces. 

Monday, February 25, 2013


Besides going to a friend's house for dinner and spending a bit of time at the gym, I spent the rest of the weekend at home, this made me think about lounging and what we wear at home. So today I want to discuss something with you and hear your opinion. Since very young, during the weekend I would wake up, and if I didn't have plans, I could easily spend the whole day in my pj's. At my friend's house this was not an option, jeans were the casual outfit to spend the day at home. I never necessarily understood it until yesterday really. Spending the day in your pj's makes you feel low. Getting dressed, throwing on a pair of jeans and a top, brushing your hair and becoming presentable made me productive and filled me with vitality. This might sound like a "duh" moment, but I know I'm not alone, many of you, I'm sure.

And my question is, what is your home uniform? Do you wear your jeans and a shirt? Loungewear? Sweats (lots better than wearing your pj's I realised but still can become too lazy)? Do you wander around in your pj's? Share share! I know that from now on, if I'm to spend the day at home I will definitely try to make an extra effort and get dressed, I never felt better!

Hush linen sweater

Happy Monday loves, and have a great week!
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday likes

If you read this little ole blog for a while you might remember that some time ago I used to blog a recap of my fave blog reads of the week. Time restrictions didn't allow me to continue doing it regularly but I still love the idea of sharing some Fridays my fave images, pins, ideas, posts of the week that is coming to an end. I hope you enjoy this trips to a beautiful world. 
On Tuesday I made a Nicoise Salad for dinner. I mainly followed this recipe but my vinaigrette included only garlic, olive oil (has to be good!), balsamic vinegar, sea salt and pepper and some Dijon mustard. It was a yummy, healthy and very filling meal.

Salad Nicoise

It took me a while to warm up to the idea of wearing Toms, years really, but last year I gave in and I can't wait to wear these floral little number. A collaboration between Toms and Shabby Chic. Cute!

Shabby Chich Toms

Did you have a chance to see my friend's home tour on Apartment Therapy? Lauren's flat in Notting Hill is warm and perfectly  put together, you can't go there and not feel the love floating around.

Aspiring Kennedy apartment

Aspiring Kennedy apartment

What a stunning dress! This is the epitome of a chic wedding guest!

red backless dress

Have a great weekend friends, see you here on Monday, bright and early!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ideal Closet

A completely miss matched outfit today but one I really like. I love the green take of the classic breton, paired with a tame skirt has just the preppy-ness needed. The black patent accessories are a bit edgy but keep the outfit a classic. I would love to wear this to work when the weather get a bit better. The idea of ditching the big handbags and carrying a little crossover bag is my new obsession! I want one in every colour!

get it here

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Engagements

Yesterday Mackenzie pined an image of a couple on a sailboat. He is kissing her forehead, she is wearing a red dress. Pretty, I thought. A very nice idea for an engagement shot. We haven't planned taking our photos, N is not the kind of guy who is into having his pictures taken but I love the idea of couples doing it. Our wedding photography package includes an extra shot so we might actually consider it. I love natural, caring and full of love photos, photos that will last forever and one day won't make you think, "what is that apple doing on our photos!?". All these int his post inspire me. 

engagement sailing
Trent and Dara —  Trent Bailey Photography
black and white couple kissing

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I want to go: The Box House Hotel

On my travel bucket list the top destination is New York, it has been there for a while but has never happened. If I was to visits tomorrow I would love to stay at a nice apartment and feel like a local, an apartment exchange is a choice or Air B&B. I don't think I could ever leave strangers stay at our flat so the exchance is out of the cards. This is where The Box House Hotel in Brooklyn comes in. A hotel that has suites that look like apartments.  Private apartments with the amenities of a hotel? I think I like it!

The Box House Hotel New York
The Box House Hotel New York
The Box House Hotel New York
The Box House Hotel New York

The Two bedroom suites is a great option for a young family or for a group of friends. I know many people like going away but don't necessarily want to be at a hotel, this is definitely a lovely choice. One of the two bedrooms suites has a terrace which is a pretty nice bonus!

The Box House Hotel New York
The Box House Hotel New York
The Box House Hotel New York
The Box House Hotel New York

The other available suite is the double with views to the city, one has a terrace, the other a garden. If you are after something a little bit extra then this might be the best choice! The staircase reminds me very much of my own flat. I would definitely feel at home! The height of these suites is pretty amazing, can you image the quantity of natural light coming in through those windows? I can and I'm a tad jealous!

The Box House Hotel New York
The Box House Hotel New York
The Box House Hotel New York
The Box House Hotel New York

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Monday!

Happy new week lovelies! Monday is once again knocking on our doors. Boy, they do come fast don't they? You might wonder what the cake photo is all about! If you follow me on pinterest (@adiaryoflovely for lots of out and about London snaps!) you might have seen thatI hosted an afternoon tea at home on Sunday and here is a quick sneak peek of what we did and ate. Full post will come soon! 
For those of you across the Pond, oh how jealous I am, enjoy your long weekend! For the rest of us, let's hope for a great week!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Light in Mykonos: a yoga retreat

I know many of you are interested in leading a more healthy life and love to travel so when I heard about this Yoga retreat in Mykonos, Greece I had to share. This is without a doubt a once  in a lifetime trip! (or maybe twice or yearly if you love it, which I'm sure you will if you decide to take part!!)

Danai Kougiouli yoga

Danai  Kougiouli is the pretty blonde on the left, great body? I think so! Danai is  former competitive runner and has been practicing yoga since very young. At some point in her life she decided to leave behind her office job and dedicate herself to what she loved, being a yoga teacher. And you know what they say, if you do what you love all is worth it! Last year Danai held her first Jivamukti Yoga retreat in Mykonos and this summer she is doing it again. I think it's a pretty fantastic way to spend a holiday and I couldn't wait to share! 

The retreat is called Light in Mykonos and lasts a week, from the 2nd to the 9th of June. The retreat includes luxurious accommodation at a gorgeous villa with panoramic views, daily guided meditation and yoga practice and above all a fabulous time at one of the most gorgeous places in the world. Can you imagine waking up in this gorgeous villa, with these amazing views and then putting your body and mind to work with a world-class yoga teacher? I definitely can!

Yoga retreat Mykonos
Yoga retreat Mykonos
Yoga retreat Mykonos
Yoga retreat Mykonos
Yoga retreat Mykonos
Yoga retreat Mykonos

If you are in London you should definitely check Danai's yoga classes
Yoga is a great way to keep both your mind and body fit. Being healthy (check this bmi calculator
to make sure you are healthy) , and leading a balanced life is paramount to a life well lived and yoga as I'm sure many of you can vouch for, can definitely help!
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