Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Linens

Apparently I have not only decided to slow down but also to post about weddings (and call the post Wedding Wednesday!) on random days! Today's post is about something I would really like to have at our wedding but won't be having. I was telling my BFF in Barcelona how I loved that I was getting married in Greece (she really wanted a greek wedding for me!) but I had this little (tiny super little) regret about not getting married in Barcelona (which yes we toyed with the idea). Why? because of the available options there are in bigger cities, more choice when it comes to cakes, glasses, plates, flowers and linens! 
No regrets though, I'm very lucky (massive thanks to our families for their support!) to have teamed with the very best professionals in the island so I know, I'm 100% convinced,it's going to be a success. I will however always like a nicely dressed table.

polka dot wedding table

There are as many choices as there are fabrics of course, and the sky is your limit. I love stripes for a fun wedding, lace and linen for a sophisticated bash, sequins for a glamorous affair and chinoiserie for something a bit more eclectic. 

Lace wedding tablescape
stylemeprettycomgallerypicture861737_zps12120242 photo stylemeprettycomgallerypicture861737_zps12120242-1_zps58602a4f.jpg
blue tablescape wedding

Crimons, the rent specialist in Barcelona, has a beautiful collection of linens for the upcoming wedding season, and I can only say, swoon! I love the mix of patterns, and textures, the colours mixed with the beautiful glasswear and unexpected plates makes an incredible statement.

Crimons Barcelona Manteleria
Crimons Barcelona Manteleria

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slow Down

Hello to all the new readers, I don't think I say it often enough but I find it fascinating that people come here daily to read all I have to say, thank you. I'm a lucky lady.
Some of you might have noticed that I don't post as often as I used to do, or better said that I don't post daily religiously. You might wonder why. The reason is that I have decided to slow down, look at blogging from a different perspective and take it easier. 
I know you might have read about this on other blogs, and yes I was definitely inspired by many others to slow down, take a perspective view and only post when I felt I had something good to blog about. 

Slow Down print by Katie Daisy

What does that mean? I love blogging, it has been the most incredible creative outlet I could have ever hoped for, the love I have felt is beyond what I could have imagined and I have even made good friends, I would never look back and I hope I will continue to blog forever and ever. What it means is that lately I have been feeling a bit uninspired, I think it happens to all of us. With the boom of Pinterest and the overload of beauty sometimes taking a  step back is the way forward.

Let us enjoy this fleeting moment Design by gobennygo

With my upcoming wedding upon me and a demanding full time job and personal life it is not always easy to find the time to be inspired. This however doesn't mean that blogging will stop. No no, not al all! This means that I want to take time to research, curate, make content. And all this takes time and effort and love and attention and I want to be able to offer you just want. What does it actually mean, I have been dragging this forever and please excuse this long post, I'm not one to write much and if you made it this far I am incredibly grateful. This means I might post less often from now on and don't feel bad about it as I do now. I hope you understand and keep coming for more because I definitely have lots more to show you around here!

Slow Down quote

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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Royal double baby shower

No Sunday Outfit today, most likely coming again next week. Today I wanted to share the baby shower Amber and I hosted in honour of Lauren and her two little princesses coming very soon. While I say co-hosted I have to note that Amber was the main perpetrator and all the cuteness was thanks to her, this girl has real talent. The theme was Royal Babies and there was lots of gold and corals, a beautiful (SO amazing and yummy!) coconut cake that Amber made from scratch (girl is amaze balls!), elderflower and peach bellinis, oreo truffles, sparkly cookies and yummy salads. 

Aspiring Kennedy Baby Shower
Aspiring Kennedy Baby Shower
Aspiring Kennedy Baby Shower
Aspiring Kennedy Baby Shower
Aspiring Kennedy Baby Shower Vanilla Cake
Aspiring Kennedy Baby Shower
all images by A Diary of Lovely

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tea party anyone?

The British do some things very well, one of them is obviously what we call afternoon tea, some people also call it High Tea. I think mostly americans, anyone knows why it is called like that? Anyhow, it's pretty isn't it? I have been a couple of times, both with my friend Theo (Hi Theo!) she loves it! Varieties of tea, tea sandwiches, scones, jams and yummy treats. Not bad huh? How pretty are these tea parties? I think it's hard to beat a pretty mismatched (and matched) tea ready table! A tea party would be such a pretty theme for a baby shower obviously and talking about baby showers, Lauren's is tomorrow and I can't wait! have a great weekend lovelies, see you on Monday!

Tea party
Pink Tea Party

Even JFK had little tea parties with his daughter. How cute!

JFK having tea with Caroline

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ideal Closet

This winter I have worn lots of sweaters, usually proper winter sweaters but I love this cute little one with the scallop detail in black and white. This outfit has lots of different colours and textures but I love it it's just like an eclectic apartment we see in Apartment Therapy.The parka is a must for when the weather is a bit chilly (not like these days in London, it's beyond cold to wear something like this!) and the tomato red bag has enough structure to add the perfect edge to this little outfit. 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays: the cake

Today lovelies I need your help. We are big fans of the Red Velvet cake that the Hummingbird Bakery makes here in London. We even made red velvet cupcakes here at home, well N made them, I helped.Our idea, for our wedding, was to get our caterer to make a version of it for us however I'm slightly worried that being in the middle of August in Greece it might be too heavy for our guests.  Would a lighter cake be a better option? I absolutely dislike fondant covered cakes, yes they look pretty but the taste changes completely. Do you recommend any light, yummy, chocolate cake? For the married ladies, what cake did you serve? I'd love to hear!

white wedding cake with pink roses by Montecito Confections

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday Outfit

Ooooh its good to be back! it was lovely taking a mini blog break while I was in Barcelona but when I dont blog I definitely miss it! Going to Barcelona was a good as ever, I did lots of chores, saw dear friends and family and enjoyed lovely strolls around the gorgeous city. While I love London and the life we have built here, I miss my dearest city. 
I came back to a pretty snowed and frozen London (most of it has now melted and is yuky) and to a very exciting week ahead. On Saturday, Amber and I are hosting a Baby shower for the gorgeous Lauren, it's my first baby shower and I cant wait to celebrate the arrival of her princesses!

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Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: New Balance c/o Sarenza| top: my mom's | coat: H&M | necklace: gift

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The tulle skirt

When I saw this cutie on Pinterest earlier I clicked thinking it was a lovely bride wearing  a precious tulle skirt and a pair of fab Kate Spade pumps. Alas I was wrong, the super stylish lady is Grace from Stripes and Sequins, wearing this superb skirt with a grey t-shirt, click here to see the whole outfit as it's a good one! Anyhow, this is Wedding Wednesday and this could be an incredible bridal alternative outfit. Would you dare? I think it would also make a lovely, not super conventional but lovely nonetheless rehearsal outfit! I'm signing off early this week, I'm off to Barcelona and will be taking a mini blog break, follow me on Instagram to join the fun. See you there!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Like many of you, one of my thoughts for the new year (not resolutions, just good deeds and thoughts) is to be healthier, hit the gym and eat in a better way. I love chocolate, pasta and diet cokes way too much to go onto a diet and anyhow I wouldn't especially want to lose weight. So I decided to buy blender (love my Kmix Kenwood blender!) and start slowly juicing. Did you see my pinterest board? Lots of recipes there, with lots of greens and fruits. I'm not a greens fan, much less a spinach lover, but if so many other can do, so can I, or that's what I thought. And here is the first attempt!

unfortunately it didn't look anything like what I expected... and what is thats? Taste wise it was OK. No, it was not yummy, the spinach could be tasted slightly but powerfully (if that's even possible), the texture was all wrong, I think it was the frozen spinach, it was more like a thick cream and less like a juice, and the colour, well you can see it, bleh.
I know there are tons of recipes and it's very much a game of playing around with quantities, fruits, and vegies but please do share. What is your fave recipe? What are your tips for loving this?
Also, I froze the fresh spinach we bought in individuals freezer bags, so I can have it on hand anytime, is this a good idea? Do I need to add more water to break down the creamy consistency? Help friends! How do I make my juices look (and taste) that pretty?

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ideal Closet

You might have noticed that I usually put together Ideal Closets posts according to the weather we have in London that day, not today my friends! Those trousers are from the spring collection and while certainly they can be worn now I love the bright, warmer hues of this outfit! The cinched high waist is a fave of mine, while I don't wear it often I find it incredibly flattering to the right figure and super cute with a tucked in little striped tee. A little fun cross body bag (I need this little Coach beauty!) and a killer pair of heels make this the super spring outfit for a lovely date.

get it

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Inspiration, the flowers

Just before Christmas I talked with my florist in Corfu about what I had envisioned for our wedding. While I played around with the idea of lots of colorful flowers (corals, pinks, muted oranges!) eventually I went back to an all white palette. Our venue is outdoors and surrounded by big trees and the Mediterranean, it is going very pretty (I hope!) as it is so I wanted something with a touch of classic and a lovely feeling, I think it's hard to beat white flowers don't you think?

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Monogramm it and sleep

One of the first things I decided to get when I started working with Argos to spruce up my apartment were new pillows. Ours were old and tired tired tired and a good night sleep is paramount. I got these goose Feather and down pair of pillows that are fluffy and super comfy. Sleeping on them is a complete new experience and they look lovely on the bed. My mom one day told me she wanted to get us some monogrammed cushion covers, and the beauties are here. We chose a subtle grey thread in a classic font and instead of going for a classic center position we went for the side one, and I love it! I also got a new bed lamp with a glass base that I had coveted for a while. 

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