Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A cool Victorian house

While looking for dining room inspiration in Pinterest the other day I came across this room and I felt immediately drawn to it, it's right up my alley. I clicked on the picture and didn't lead me anywhere, oh Pinterest! Thank to Google and there it was, the original source, a house tour on Houzz by photgrapher Jennifer Young. You might have seen it already but I had not and I thought  it was worth showing it just in case you haven't, its that cool and pretty! It's the home on a young couple and what they did with this late-1800's rental home is really lovely. Lots of colours and textures, lovely DIYs, lots of natural light and a lovely little patio are real winners is my book. Look at that sofa ladies and gents, amazing? and that apple casserole? It was on sale for next to nothing, those who got it where lucky lucky!


  1. i love the sideboard - I have a very similar one at home! The SF print is awesome, too!

  2. This is a happy little place. I especially like the bedroom. I would have guessed you'd like this one! xo

  3. I have only one question: can I steal the couch?

  4. WOW to the sofa! - that's a stunner!


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