Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Suma Cruz flower crown

Yesterday I pinned this gorgeous bride, her head piece is so incredibly fabulous I also had to blog about  and tell you more about the creator of it. Before I start, how incredibly gorgeous is she? and how incredible are her Yañez earrings? Irene, the bride, is wearing a flowers crowns made by Suma Cruz, a Madrid based millinery shop. Everything is handmade and while they have some classic pieces they can also create bespoke headpieces. I'm dreaming of wearing something like this, maybe not to my wedding as I'm not that brave, but as a guest. How pretty and unique is it?

All photos via Suma Cruz's blog


  1. Although I love flower crowns, this one is too big for me. People will be looking at the crown instead of the beautiful bride.


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