Friday, November 30, 2012

Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

This is my fave gift guide, little things are what I love the most and sometimes cheaper gift are the most difficult to find successfully. I would like one of each to be honest, little pretties that would definitley cheer me up! There are many things from Furbish, beacause Jaime picks the very best stuff who doesn't know that right?
Very excited about the weekend and having a bit of downtime. 

1. Earbuds, DvF | 2. Nail polish duo, Ilamasqua | 3. Iphone cover, Cath Kidston | 4. Gloves, Asos | 5. Measuring Spoons, Fishs Eddy | 6. His and Hers glasses, Furbish | 7. Candle, Voluspa | 8. Tray, Liberty | 9. Hair clip, | 10. Mugs, Jonathan Adler at Design Darling| 11. Bottle stoppers, Furbish | 12. Earrings, Asos | 13. Katniss earrings, Furbish | 14. Makeup Bag, Furbish | 15. Glasses, Divertimenti 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gift Guide for the Beauty obsessed

Those who know me know that I like gifting beauty products. While yes I get they are personal and all that, I still think a pretty bottle of body oil or a nice makeup palette makes for a nice detail. Do you like received beauty gifts or do you think they might be a miss? I know I wouldn't necessarily buy some of these so if someone gave me any of these I would be super excited! That Rodin oil? Yes please!!

1. White Musk perfume, The Body Shop | 2. Makeup remover, Bioderma | 3. Hand Soap, Madrigal, Claus Porto | 4. Rose lotion, Liberty | 5. Nectarine Blossom & Honey body Lotion, Jo Malone | 6. Brow Gel, Anastasia | 7. Body Oil, Rodin | 8. Shadow palette, Nars | 9. Pocelaine scented Oval, Diptyque | 10. Crushed Cabernet Scrub, Caudalie | 11. Lip Pencil, Topshop | 12. Scented Candle, R. Nichols | 13. Body Oil, Nuxe | 14. Clarisonic

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The quest for the dress

What can I say, the quest for THE dress is a big one. I had my first bridal shopping experience over the weekend in Barcelona at Cortana and while I loved every minute, I find the whole process a bit overwhelming. Why I say this? How can one chose only one dress for such a bid day? How does one decide exactly what the best option is. Being a very indecisive person that is very difficult for me. Some brides to be, say they know it when they try it on, that that is the dress, did you experience it? 
 Next week I have a couple more appointments and will be discussing this further, till then here are some lovely bloggers in their stunning dresses. 
Taylor looks like the perfect american bride, stunning, with a beautifully made lace dress hugging her body and with a radiant smile. It's hard to beat that if you ask me! (photo by Edyta Szyszlo)


Another fave of mine is Kristina from 100 Layer Cake, her dress suits her like a glove and she looks incredibly gorgeous, her wedding is one that I revisit often. Photo by Michele M. Waite.


Another bride I loved was Kate from Wit + Delight, while I would never chose a strapless dress Kate's dress has the most incredible skirt ever; two layers of beautiful tulle make for a bit of an edge remaining incredibly sophisticated. Just like anything she does.


How incredible that the 3 brides I decided to pick all wore a strapless dress, being that feature the one and only thing I have very clear in my mind I don't want. Mind can be tricky. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dried Hydrangeas

A couple of weeks ago I went to the flower market here at Columbia Road with my dad and I bought a bunch of green hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are incredibly stunning, I'm contemplating having them as the main blooms in my wedding. Anyway, I had them in the kitchen and they looked stunning. On Friday, when I landed I went to my friend's house, which is super stylish by the way, and Eli had a several dried blooms of hydrangeas in her living room. I have always loved dried rose, by grandpa used to dried bouquets for me and my mom,  but didn't immediately think of dried hydrangeas and I was oh so wrong, look how gorgeous they look in these photos! There is a great tutorial about hoe to properly dry them here. I just removed the water but I'm would definitely try it the proper way next time.

Via: 1 2 3 4 5

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday Outfit and Samantha Wills

Last week I received a collection of lovely jewellery by Samantha Wills, an Australian designer I didn't know and that I'm delighted to have known better now. The collection is gorgeous, and has some real statement pieces. My fave piece is the big Hudson necklace, with 3 large jade stones that can transform any blah outfit (like this one, a plain whit tee and jeans). I loved layering it with a mote subtle long necklace which has a lovely tribal look to it. The Bardot ring in rose quartz is a signature Samantha Wills piece and beautifully represents the bohemian chic look the brand is all about. I think it would look stunning with a lovely white lace dress  on a  sunny day.

All the Samantha Wills jewellery comes in a stunning wooden carved box beautifully wrapped in twine and lace. Opening it is a true luxury. 

I'm wearing:
Jeans: Zara | tee: mango | Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Friday, November 23, 2012

Gift Guide for the Kids

Hello lovelies! I am very happy today it's Friday, I have half day off at work and I'm flying to  Barcelona in the afternoon. It's a very short trip but I'm very excited. One of the things I like the most when going back home is seeing all my loved ones, including my little God daughter. She is the cutest, I spoke on the phone with her yesterday and her happiness was infectious! While she loves Monster High I know she would love any of these I bring you today. There are so many gorgeous little thing for the kiddos, the Blabla dolls are a fave of mine and I know many of you love them too, so cute and cosy, a great friend for the little ones! 

1. Giant Suzette, Blabla kids | 2. Masque, Oeuf NYC | 3.Bobo Dog, Bobo Choses | 4. Stack and Nest Cups, Kid o | 5. Harmony Craddle, Babybjorn | 6. Ballet Shoes, Old Soles | 7. Overalls, C de C | 8. Elmo in Pajamas | 9. Sleeping Bag, aden + anais | 10. Bib, Funkie baby | 11. Drying Rack, Boon | 12. Sock, Trumpette

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gift Guide for the Home

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends across the Pond. Wishing you all a fantastic day and a wonderful holiday, I hope you are all surrounded by love and happiness.
Aren't gifts for the home so much fun to pick? The best part for me is that there are several prices brackets that one can pick a lovely gift from. As you can see I'm a massive fan of everything and anything gold and I love the little details you can get for a loved one.  Wouldn't you be excited to receive a little gold fortune cookie?


1. Gift Boutique decanter, Shopbop | 2. Letterpress set, Kate Spade | 3. Bambu Servers, Zara Home | 4. Candle set, Diptyque | 5. Fortune Cookie, Gift Boutique | 6. Matchboxes, Design Darling | 7. Pillow cover, Serena & Lilly | 8. Storage baskets, Epiphany NYC | 9. Mirror, Calypso | 10.  Throw, Serena & Lily | 11. Candelabra, Serena & Lily | 12. Pots, Wisteria | 13. Peony candle, The White Company | 14. Candelabra, The White Company | 15. Curved Box, Waylande Gregory

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Suma Cruz flower crown

Yesterday I pinned this gorgeous bride, her head piece is so incredibly fabulous I also had to blog about  and tell you more about the creator of it. Before I start, how incredibly gorgeous is she? and how incredible are her YaƱez earrings? Irene, the bride, is wearing a flowers crowns made by Suma Cruz, a Madrid based millinery shop. Everything is handmade and while they have some classic pieces they can also create bespoke headpieces. I'm dreaming of wearing something like this, maybe not to my wedding as I'm not that brave, but as a guest. How pretty and unique is it?

All photos via Suma Cruz's blog

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gift Guide For Her

This year I feel Christmas has come around so much faster tan any other year, so weird. Anyhow, last week I realised it was Gift Guide time again! what a fun time of the year don't you think? I love putting together all these and day dreaming. This year I'm going to be showing my gifts suggestions for her, for him, for the home, for the little ones. Hopefully you can get something nice for everyone loved in your lives.

1. Fan clutch, Calypso | 2. Trio of rings, Tom Binns | 3. Red, dress, Topshop | 4. Winter leggings, Jack Wills | 5. Iphone Case, Kate Spade | 6. Silver Leather gloves, Yves Saint Laurent | 7. Skinny belt, Asos | 8. Sunglasses, Elizabeth and James | 9. Chandelier earrings, Kenneth Jay Lane | 10. Fur Scarf, Calypso | 11. Friendship bracelet, J.Crew| 12. Necklace, Asos | 13. Dotted socks, J.Crew| 14. Fuchsia bag, Kate Spade | 15. Heart keyring, J.Crew| 16. Peplum sweater, | 17. Watch, Michael Kors | 18. Beauty bag, Anya Hindmarch | 19. Slippers, Laurentian Chief

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday Outfit

What a lovely Sunday we had in London! What a beautiful city London is when the sun shines. My dad was here and we ventured it to Columbia Road to the flower market. Such a beautiful place to spend some hours on your Sunday morning, I should go more often and the flowers have the best prices in the whole city. If you come to London definitely try to squeeze it it, I'm sure you will love it! I got some gorgeous green hydrangeas (a very high contender for them to be our wedding flowers) and a lovely orchid. I'm off to Barcelona at the end of the week and I have an appointment at Cortana to try on wedding dresses. Will it be THE place? We shall see!

Jeans: Zara (similar here) | Cardigan: Sita Murt (there is a nice selection at Anthropologie) | Boots: Topshop | Bag: Gigi New York

Friday, November 16, 2012

Mireia Vila, the painter

I love it when Facebook proves useful. Yesterday I received a message from an old school friend that made Facebook all the most interesting once again. Mireia Vila and I went to school together, and I haven't seen her since. That's a long time you say, I know, but I find myself thinking of Mireia quite often and wondering with other friends where she is and what she is up to. Well now I know and I'm happy to show you too. Mireia is a painter in Barcelona. She does what she loves, she paints watercolor portraits and has a very special style as you can see. I love the lines, and the vivid colors and that I feel her portraits are looking and speaking directly to me. If you are looking for a special piece of art, look no further. Wouldn't a commissioned piece of Mireia's work be the perfect Christmas present? You can find Mireia here Picture hooks would be a great alternative to hang your artwork. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ideal Closet

I love the idea of winter whites. I don't think I would wear this dress easily but I find it so ethereal and romantic but also elegant and edgy. Oh what a combination you will think! but yes indeed I really love this little outfit with touches of browns, blues and reds. Aren't those boots pretty amazing? Perfect heel and gorgeous rich leather. I think I need them!

Get it here

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Wish tables

Now that we  have booked the big stuff for our wedding this summer (church, venue, catering) one of the things I have been more excited about is the wish table. What is that? It's a table in the entrance of the venue where the Wish books seats and usually surrounded by koufeta (sugar coated almonds) and other sweets. There are many ways to create an impressive table, flowers, candles, yummy treats to sweeten your guests. 
This first one by Elite Events Athens, a super talented wedding planning company in Athens, is one of the best examples I have seen. Classic, sophisticated and super inviting. 

This blue and white table by 2 Links Events is another winner. The colour combo is perfect for a mediterranean wedding and ads the perfect touch of edge.

Another fave by 2Link Events is this super long table for a Greek Brazilian wedding.

In this next table by Floris Special Events, the element I love the most if the chocolate. White and choc always go so well together and it is a guarantee of yuminess. 

Which one is your fave? and if you were to create such a table for your guests what would you be your picks? Simple yet elegant all white? Two color combo? All chocolate?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fave desert: Tiramisu

What is your favourite desert? Mine is tiramisu! Fresh, luscious and creamy, and with a hint of coffee it makes for the perfect end of a yummy meal. I found these lovely pictures on a polish foodie website and while I cant understand a word, the beautiful photography caught my eye. I'm sure Google translate can help here and if this particular recipe tastes as good as it looks I bet it's worth it. Tiramisu is on my to do list!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday Outfit

Hello lovelies! Have you enjoyed your weekend? Here, is was lovely, sunny on Remembrance day where London and the whole country remembered those in the Armed Forces who have fought in past and present conflicts. It is really nice to see how the everybody remembered and commemorated those who have fought for our liberties. 
Big big thanks for your well wishes on our upcoming wedding, it's such an exciting time  for us and I can't wait for August to come!  


Jeans: Zara | Coat: Zara | Boots: Sam Edelman | Top: H&M 
On a completely unrelated subject, I have a question and hopefully you can help. Besides Photoshop, what do you use to edit your photos? Any help would be appreciated as I haven't been very happy lately with Ipiccy and Photobucket and I'm hoping there is something better out there. Cheers in advance!!
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