Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Elisabeth Blumen flowers

Elisabeth Blumen is a flower studio in Madrid for weddings and events and they are as gorgeous as flowers can ever be. Mixed bride bouquet are all the rage in my opinion and add a fun yet elegant addition to the whole wedding image. I love the different textures in these stunning creations
And if you want to see her gorgeous studio check it out here courtesy of Kiss me Frank. 


  1. love the white bridal bouquet, so perfect

  2. These are stunning! That third one is my favourite :)

    Abbey x

  3. The colours in that second bouquet are just beautiful! xx

  4. I like all of them. They are beautiful.
    Have a nice day.

  5. She really makes floral arrangement an art form, huh? Truly gorgeous work! xo

  6. So pretty, what a talent. I love these the first 2 are my faves!

  7. my goodness, these are beautiful bouquets. I especially like the second one. Its so cheery and colorful.

  8. These are just gorgeous! Heading on over to check out more.

    Hope you're having a great week, Helena :) xoxo

  9. Gorgeous! Love all of the colors! xo


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