Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Little Palace in Barcelona

Barcelona is well known for its beautiful architecture. It has some amazing buildings and is famed for being the birth place of architectural modernism. Still today there are beautifully conserved buildings like La Pedrera, Casa Batllo and many less known ones like this stunning little palace re-baptised as El Palauet (which means little palace in Catalan). It has been transformed to be a lovely 2 bedroom apartment hotel and also an events venue. The contrast of the old features and the modern all white furniture is formidable. Incredible location too and even though its pricey I think it would be a great base for a group of friends visiting the city (bachelorette party anyone?)


  1. Oh my goodness that place is stunning. It would be so so perfect for a hen do, or just a girly getaway. It's definitely on my holiday wish list!
    Saskia x

  2. i love all the white and all the natural lighting!

  3. White is a beautiful color and it creates an illusion of space which is nice for smaller apartments.I also like the idea that you have kept a lot of storage to cut the clutter and make the room look neat.

  4. Loving these interiors! Especially the lighting. Would love to spend a weekend there!!

    XO - Jami
    Imagine Design Blog

  5. These are stunning! Saving to my home inspiration folder!


  6. Such stunning interiors and all with very muted pale tones! I'd propbably spill red wine and freak in a home like this!

    The Greek wedding was amazing - lots of traditions and rituals too...

  7. It sure is very calming but you know me, I'd have to add in a dash of colour! ;) xx

  8. Utterly spectacular Helena! That window is something special :)

    Abbey x

  9. I love Barcelona. When we visited I was surprised to see that although there are so many different architectural styles in the city, they somehow do not clash - instead they somehow make it more interesting and amazing to explore - much like different colors and textures can improve an outfit instead of ruining the effect, I guess.

    These are beautiful spaces!! The first shot is simply amazing.


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