Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Danish apartment

I can't understand a word of Danish and even after translating it with Google I didnt get much sense of the story of this wonderful apartment but I couldn't not post it. That bar cart caught my eye on Pinterest, and I had to know what the rest looked like and it didn't disappoint. The plates on the blue wall have me fascinated, they are a mix of different eras and most come from the Royal Copenhagen, just like the porcelain figures on the lovely and sun filled mantel.

Via: Bobedre 


  1. I adore those dining chairs.
    xo Josie

  2. The last photo is my prefer. This sofá is very beautiful. I want it!
    Have a nice day;

  3. The light fixture in photo 1 and that bar are so cool! Hope your week is going well, Helena! xo

  4. That lighting in the dining room is incredible - talk about a statement piece for the room - I love it! xx

  5. Do you think if I move there I'll instantly have mad home design skills? Because I swear every sneak peak I see into Scandanavian homes is beyond amazing.

  6. Love the collection of blue and white plates on the wall. Have a lovely weekend!


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