Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekly Links

Lovely pink autumn leaves, beautiful wedding dress
Pink Cupcakes for a cause!
It's all about soaps and lovely packaging
More soaps by Olivia's Soaps, these are my all time faves
I have a Lack little table I don't love, I might try to tackle this simple DIY
And another fantastic DIY for Halloween, gold and lace pumpkins
Perfect casual look, green jeans anyone? Me me me!
I love the contrast of this coconut cake with this lovely ikat bright fabric


  1. loving those casual green pants! so pretty and such an awesome shade of color.

  2. These are gorgeous! I'm not surprised that you'd like them as well! Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  3. Now I want coconut cake... Ina Garten has the best recipe!! xo

  4. love the colors of first image with shoe and dress :)
    love the idea of golden pumpkin,
    love the packaging,i think i would never open them :)
    take a look at my new blog :) thanx

  5. That dress is truly amazing, and so are the shots with the fall leaves! Gorgeous.

    But what I really want right now is some of that beautifully wrapped soap. And maybe a cupcake ;-)

  6. Great picks! Loving the pic of the wedding dress, looks so luxe:)

  7. Love that little lace dress - and the yummy treats :) Beautiful!

  8. Love that diy hack, might need to try something similar, and I too am obsessed with the very same green jeans outfit!:)


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