Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Laura Ponte's Style

Spanish super model Laura Ponte has to be one of the most stylish women of her time. She has indeed a special beauty that, to me, is intensified by her eclectic style. Might not be to everyone's taste but you can't deny she knows how to rock a good outfit.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Candles

Some time ago I told you that whenever I got married I wanted chiavari chairs, and there is something else I have in my mind and really want. An evening reception with lots of candles. Tables full of candles in the center to illuminate the evening and make it magical. I'm crazy about the first pic!


Monday, August 29, 2011

The weekend a la Instagram

No Sunday Outfit this week lovelies! N hasn't returned from Greece and I have been confined inside most of the weekend. I did however collect some Instagram weekend memories. 

It has been on off raining, hence the wellies. The only moment I ventured it out was to get a piece of cheescake at the food hall in the Barbican Center, only to find it close :( I toured the gardens though and they were beautiful, green and quiet. 

The rest of the weekend, I relaxed at home, watched several movies and finally caught up in past magazines and books, kind of! I watched more movies and tv than read books and magazine but oh well!

Enjoyed new purchases and gifts, my new candy colored hair dryer and the beautiful customised necklace from Sheyna. Love it!

Cooked some yummy greek food and booked tickets to watch One Day tomorrow, excited! has any of you seen it already?

How was your weekend? Hope everyone in the East Coast is all right!
*** I'm also linking with Ashley's Link Instagram party***

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekly links

Blue Manolo's: Perfect wedding!
I'm terribly in love with this kitchen Linds shared, not only the chevron tile but the whole rustic look
I dont like figs, I think, but I would love to try this tart
The WhoWhatWear office, who wouldn't want to work there?
Naomi and husband playing bride and groom, super cute!
Audrey put a lovely post with beautiful summer outfits, this red dress caught my eye the most, I miss summer clothing!
But I'm also looking forward to wearing boots (in September not before!)
Orange and pink: pretty!
Have a lovely long weekend! planning on taking it VERY easy! and watching One Day, cant wait!

Friday, August 26, 2011

When you are hungry, go to Greece!

To me Mediterranean food is the best. Of course, what would I say? but nonetheless it's healthy (ish), tasty and a delight to look at! While in Greece these last couple of weeks I had delicious food, both in Corfu and at home at my grandma's (who is an absolute fantastic cook and as is my mom!) Couldn't resist posting some of these delicious moments!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ideal Closet

I rarely wear leggings anymore, well that is outside the house or maybe for  the odd run but I do love this look. While the weather in London hasn't been the best lately (yes here I am taking about the weather again!) I want to keep my ideal closets as summery as possible for the time being, we will have plenty of time to get cozy! I love statement necklaces and this one ticks all my boxes, bold, simple but sophisticated!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Corfu town

Coming back to a rainy London has me longing for the sunny days I spent in the beautiful island of Corfu. What I love best in this greek island is that it's like no other. The old town has an italian vibe and you could be forgiven for closing your eyes and thinking a bit you are in Venice! After all, Corfu has a bit of Italy in it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In My Kitchen: Alison from My Little Happy Place

The very lovely Alison shares her US kitchen and her secrets. Alison shares her love for interiors at My Little Happy Place via Brazil and Texas. If you haven't had a chance to "meet" her, well you should, she is really lovely!

  If you've met me through my blog, My Little Happy Place, you know my family and I are Americans living in Brazil.  However, I've featured our kitchen in our home back home because we reworked it to reflect our taste, and, well, it's a very Happy Place!

Eat in or out:  In.  We enjoy cooking, and taking the kids out is cuh-razy!
Take away or restaurant:  Restaurant - if it's Date Night!
I cook for...  My husband, and girls: Avery (4) and Isla (15 months) and Me (I'm pregnant with our third)
Healthy food:  "Real" Food. Fresh Ingredients.  I read, "In Defense of Food," and realized just how much "non-food" we are surrounded by - scary.  I try to follow Michael Pollan's take:  If your Great-Grandmother would recognize it as something to eat, you're probably OK!
Indulgence:   Bready-sweets:  Cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, etc.
Weekend Meal:   My husband usually puts something on the grill, and I'll make the sides.  Roasted potatoes and a salad are classics for us.
Date Dinner:  Sushi - stuffing ourselves until we feel like a puffed fish!
Quick fix: My go-to meal is pressure-cooked pork served over polenta.  It's an easy and tasty meal that I can whip up when I'm not feeling creative in the kitchen.
My must ingredients:  Fresh garlic, fresh-ground salt and pepper.
Spicy or Mild: I'm from Texas - Spicy!
Favorite gadget(s):  A good gas range and quality cookware.  I found our professional range on Ebay for half the retail cost - snag!  My French copper cookware is one of my treasures from a trip to Paris a few years ago.  It's pricey, but the quality is superb, and I'll always have it.
In the kitchen, I couldn't live without:  All the natural light.  The open-air feeling makes up for the small footprint.
My cooking bible: The Joy of Cooking for classic techniques and recipes.  Foodgawker for visual inspiration.

My kitchen is: My favorite room in our home!  It's open and full of light, and with the little peninsula, great for people to sit and chat while I'm cooking.

My Recipe:  Curried Chicken Salad

(Loosely interpreted from a friend's original recipe)
2 lbs Chicken - cooked and cut into chunks
1 small can chopped Water Chestnuts
1 c Craisins
2 c chopped Celery
1/2 c chopped Walnuts
1/2 Fresh Pineapple - cut into small chunks
1 c Mayo - or to taste
1 T Curry Powder
1 T Lemon Juice

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Outfit

This is probably a bit of a summer uniform, yet another one. A simple linen tee and a basic denim white skirt, this skirt has saved me so many times! I'm a bit chuffed today as today my summer holiday is coming to an end and i'm flying back home to London. Sad times, but nonetheless I had a lovely time that I will definitely treasure all winter long! Bring it on!

Skirt: Kew | Top: Zara | Sandals: Zara 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Stella & Dot Giveaway

Most of you will be familiar with Stella & Dot, the place to find gorgeous jewellery that will impress everybody. I have been a fan for a while and when Angela, ne of their independent Stella and Dot Stylists contacted me to host a giveaway I couldn't have said yes any faster! This On the Mark necklace is one of my fave pieces from Stella & Dot and now it can be yours. 

To Enter (1 mandatory and 2 extras!) Leave a comment for each entry
1. Be a follower of A Diary of Lovely and Visit Stella & Dot and comment back letting me know what you like best
2. Follow A Diary of Lovely on Twitter
3. Like A Diary of Lovely on Facebook
Giveaway ends on the evening of the 26th of August, winner will be picked randomly and announced shortly after. Good Luck!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Post: Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy

Hello, friends.
I'm  Lauren, of Aspiring Kennedy,
and I'm so thrilled to be guest blogging on A Diary of Lovely!
It's always so nice here, isn't it?
After endless posts of being charming and clever,
you have probably started to ask yourself:
"How can Helena actually be human?"
I, too, once wondered the same thing.
After moving to England last summer
and getting to meet Helena in person,
I realized my suspicions were correct:
she really is divine!
As Helena travels through her homeland, Greece,
it's only fitting to envision this goddess
floating through the beautiful country
and looking oh-so-fabulous while she does.

Can't you just imagine Helena lounging in gorgeous Greece...
checking in on her blogs with this fabulous Marc Jacobs iPad case...
keeping her treasures in a bright tote like this Miu Miu...
and wearing crazy cool pieces like this simple evil eye ring?
{Did you know Helena always wears an evil eye?}
Have a great time in Greece, Helena!
We will miss you while you are gone, 
but can't wait to see the pictures from your adventures
when you return back to the "real world." 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Graphic Image Giveaway - Closed

Giveaway now closed, thanks all!
Another day and here is another great giveaway that I'm sure many many of you will be excited about. Today I'm partnering with the lovely people at Graphic Image who are offering a diary of the winner's choice, initial embossing included! I absolutely adore these super chic leather diaries! especially the coloured ones and the croc, statement diaries!
And in case this wasn't enough, Graphic Image are offering to all of you 20% off while the giveaway lasts, use LOVELY at checkout!
To Enter (1 mandatory and 2 extras!) Leave a comment for each entry
1. Be a follower of A Diary of Lovely and Visit Graphic Image and comment back letting me know what you like best
2. Follow A Diary of Lovely on Twitter
3. Like A Diary of Lovely on Facebook
Giveaway ends on the evening of the 23rd of August, winner will be picked randomly and announced shortly after. Good Luck!
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