Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In my Kitchen: Debby from Inspired Design

One of my very very fav ladies is here today to present her kitchen, cooking habits and a favourite recipe. Please welcome Debby and her beautiful kitchen. Also, big thank you to all for embracing this new series with the warmth you did, means so much to me!

Hi, it's Debby from Inspired Design and I am thrilled to part of this fun new series
that the always adorable Helena thought up.  On an ordinary week I cook most 
nights and we will get take out or go out to dinner 1-2 a week. 
Being Mom to two busy teens and having a hubby that travels, I'm never quite
sure who is going to be home on any given night. It requires some planning to make
sure that there is always something that can be warmed up should someone stroll 
in hungry.
I cook for:  There are four of us and two little dogs always hoping for something to
magically drop in their direction.
Healthy food:  Fuji apple or spinach salad.
Indulgence:  Ice cream or chocolate. My sweet tooth always wins.
Weekend meal:  The kids usually have friends so that means take out pizza or anything grilled.
Date dinner:  Eggplant parmesean at Boston's North End.
Quick fix:  Sandwiches... good rolls, fresh vegetables, meats & cheeses... easy.
Spicy:  Red pepper flakes
Mild:  Basil

In My Kitchen:
Favorite gadget:  Red Cuisinart Stand Mixer.
Could not live without:  A dishwasher or my Kuerig coffee maker.
My cooking bible:  Each and every cookbook by Ina Garten, (love them all).

My Recipe:
Stewed berries and ice cream:  This is such an easy a quick dessert and it makes
a lovely presentation when served in a beautiful glass or bowl.


  1. The millwork details on the island are great. Really brings out that french country feel!

  2. I am very envious of her kitchen! :)

  3. Helena, thanks so much for having me! I love this series and can't wait to have a peek into other bloggers kitchens! Guess who is staring in my Girl has Style series right now? Yes, she is from London and her name is Helena. xo xo

  4. Debby is so awesome and love her kitchen - all the warm wood and marble/granit!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Debby's kitchen is beautiful! Love the glass cabinet that is lit up showing her pretty dishes. This recipe sounds yummy and I'll be serving it this coming weekend for guests. Nice and easy and a beautiful presentation.

  6. gorgeous kitchen - and i need to try out this recipe. anything strawberry makes me so happy!

  7. I loved your kitchen! Where did you buy your bar stools?

    Thank you,
    Camila :)

  8. I'll definitely have to try this recipe!

  9. Love your blog! This is such a cool idea!

    xo, Allie


  10. Oh this is a fun series. Fun to peek into Debby's kitchen. For some reason I want to bust out my ice cream maker now;-)

  11. Ooh, I'm so nosey so this is great to see other people's home space (esp Debby's- love Inspired Design!).. Great post! x

  12. Thanks for giving us a peek at your kitchen, Debby! Lovely!

  13. Looks like a great kitchen to entertain in I love it;)

  14. Helena, the bar stools are the Aaron barstools from Potterybarn. I tried to email Camila in response but her profile is not accessible. Just wanted to foward the info. in case she asked you. xo

  15. Lovely! Debby's kitchen is as warm and charming as she is!

  16. I love Debbie's kitchen, It's exactly an extension of her. How cool is this series.

    Lisa xx

  17. I found your blog via Design Darling, and I adore what you're doing. This kitchen series is going to become a must read!

  18. YUM gonna have to try that!!!!

  19. My two favorite girls in the same place!!! Love Debby & her kitchen is amazing! I'm so envious. My kitchen is so tiny. That's NYC living for u :) xoxo

  20. I am addicted to my Keurig coffee maker too!!!

  21. wow she has an ideal kitchen!

  22. what a great series! love how comfy her kitchen looks. ;)

  23. I looove Debby's blog! her kitchen is dreamy- I would love a large island in my future kitchen. yummy recipe too!

  24. Hi Debby, thank you for your response! I don't why my profile is not accessible. Anyway, I love your blog!
    it's really inspirational :)

  25. a lovely post- I love sandwiches too :)
    this recipe is devine...

  26. Thanks for share the recipe! Keep up the good work and also keep posting.


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