Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In my Kitchen: Beth from Hello Splendor

I knew Beth would send me some cool pics for the series, and I'm not disappointed, her kitchen is functional, fun and really pretty, exactly my type of space.If you don't know eth already, you can find her at Hello, Splendor and her professional work at  Pulp Design Studios. The Pepperchelamis recipes sounds yUUUmy!
Thanks Beth!
Eat in or out: Both! We cook most nights and treat ourselves with a meal out a couple of nights a week. 
Take away or restaurant: Restaurant for sure! If you're gonna pay for it, you might as well have service & an great atmosphere. 
I cook for: My husband & 17 month-old son. Although, my husband does most of the cooking! I'm more of a weekend cook. 

Healthy food: Granola, yogurt, and blueberries with a drizzle of honey
Indulgence: Lobster risotto
Weekend Meal: French onion soup
Date Dinner: Rack of lamb with a mint reduction sauce
Quick fix: "Pickin's!" It's what we call antipasto. Caprese salad, sliced cheese, olives, cured meats, and fruit. We eat it for dinner at least once a week.

My kitchen is: Too small, but full of love & personality
Favorite gadget(s): My kitchenAid mixer. 
In the kitchen, I couldn't leave without: The corkscrew!  
My cooking bible: Claire Robinson's 5 Ingredient Fix 

My must ingredients: butter, mozzarella, prosciutto, and a heavy hand of salt.
Spicy or Mild: Mild! I'm really a wimp when it comes to spice... and it doesn't help my ego when I'm married to an Italian and my business partner is Mexican.
My recipe: 
This is a highly coveted appetizer recipe that gets requested at every cocktail party & family gathering. Trust me! It's simple and a little strange, but just try it.

1/2 lb genoa salami (thinly sliced, but not paper thin)
8 oz tub of regular cream cheese
Jar of pre-sliced pepperocinis 

Smear a slice of salami with cream cheese. Top with pepperocinis in a line down the center of the slice of salami. Roll up tightly and secure with a toothpick. Continue until all salami slices are used. Simple! It's most time efficient when done in an assembly style making at least 5 at once.


  1. Oh, how fun is her kitchen! It seems like such a happy place, doesn't it? I just know my hubby would love that appetizer... I will try for sure. xo

  2. I adore that she said her kitchen is 'full of love & personality', that is a true home!

  3. I love the chalkboard walls!!! What a great feature.

  4. Her kitchen is fabulous. I love all things chalkboard and her use of it looks so fresh and fun. The recipe sounds killer too will have to try it.

  5. What a run and warm kitchen!! Love the chalkboard walls!

  6. I love the back of the built-ins! I painted mine a similar color and can't believe I didn't do it sooner. Great kitchen, Beth!

  7. What a fabulous kitchen! I have some really great news on the paperback version of my 1st novel. I'd love for you to head over and check it out! Have a great night doll! Kori xoxo


  8. Absolutely gorgeous kitchen! I am in love! And such a fun read!

  9. What a lovely kitchen! It is truly full of personality! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  10. Helena- you always have the best guest series! Seriously, I'm nothing short of obsessed with this latest one! Im a firm believer the kitchen is the heart of the home, and I love seeing some of our favorite bloggers kitchens and learning their cooking secrets!

  11. Oh my, the pepperchelamis sounds amazing!

  12. What a cute series! Love it!


  13. adore the creativity of the chalkboard walls and the rolling island for amped up space.

  14. Love Beth's kitchen! And I'm so loving this series :) xoxo

  15. omg her chalkboard is amazing!!! i love this one.

  16. The blackboard Walls are great, I really love this series.

  17. Beth Isler will send u way more than that..life terms...she is " doing" it now.

  18. I LOVE that kitchen.. and great recipes. I will have to try them. Thanks for sharing!


  19. obsessed with all the chalkboard!!

  20. What a gorgeous kitchen!! I love the chalkboard accent and of course, love that she too loves her Kitchen Aid mixer :) Hope you are fabulous Helena! xo

  21. those pepperchilamis are the bomb. i might be that person requesting them all the time. yum.

  22. Adore Beth's kitchen, full of so much warmth, style and personality!

  23. Love this series! That kitchen is adorable, love the black board walls! Butter, mozzerella and proscuito and salt - you are my kind of chef!

  24. That recipe sounds AMAZING! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the chalkboard wall!

  25. I adore her kitchen and now I am craving her pepperoncini recipe. Yum!

  26. Love this little look into Beth's kitchen, she's so great! Love the chalkboard!

  27. Oh how cute is her kitchen! love, love the idea of chalkboard walls in the kitchen! we have been thinking about that in our son's room but i think i might just have change that idea!

    this post seriously made me hungry!

  28. The chalkboard is a great choice, that's unique for me.

  29. Do you have more designer photos like this one? it would be nice!


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