Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly links

This was a glorious short working week and a wedding week. What did you think? For me, she nailed it. A classic but yet sophisticated dress, perfect for her frame. Really beautiful.
Have you seen Water for Elephants? Can't wait, especially after seeing this costume sketch
It's my birthday this weekend, and I would love one of this multi colored, multi layer, hand painted cake
I think I need this wedding book, no not getting married but I want it nonetheless 
What a cute print
Best advice about losing your baby weight. I'm saving it for future reference. Megan rocks!
Erika's kitchen: my dream  
Love the styling of this wedding suite
Want to learn how to make this hair do? go, it's so elegant
Have a fantastic weekend my dears xx

Pronovias goes Royal

And to stay on theme here is another royal wedding related post, after all the big event is just some hours away! While we are all (no?) crazy to discover who created THE big dress, Manuel Mota, the lead designer at Pronovias just unveiled 3 beautiful designs inspired by and thought for Kate Middleton. In Mota's own words "Each design embodies Kate Middleton's elegance, sophistication and personality”. What do you think?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jo Malone goes Royal

Jo Malone is a Brit favorite of many and with a reason, their scents are quintessentially luxurious as are their beautifully packaged fragrances. The cream box and black ribbon is a staple nowadays and their shops are a treat to the eyes and scent of course! London has been all dolled up for tomorrow's big wedding and Jo Malone couldn't stay behind. Look at the beautiful window display in their flagship Sloane Street store. Beautifully classic, don't you think? 

The lovely ladies at Jo Malone kindly sent me their Orange Blossom Cologne which is the perfect wedding scent as the orange blossom is a symbol of love, fertility and commitment. I always wanted to get an orange blossom based perfume and I must say that this one fits my needs to perfection, sweet but not overwhelming, pure perfection.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ideal closet

I must be drawn to orange hues lately, as after putting together this board I realised it's the second orange based one I have done lately! I love the contrast of this skirt with all the orange pops, somehow the blues/greys and pale yellow work so well in this outfit. And who wouldn't like a pair of Lanvin flats and mysterious sunglasses from I know I would!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Stuff Series **Brooklyn Limestone**

This might very well be the last My Stuff for a while, and for this special date I have a very special guest. Stefanie from the one and only Brooklyn Limestone. I'm pretty sure you have all lusted over her renovated limestone, her incredible talents as a designer and her beautiful photography. You have right? well then, now go ahead and check all her favorite stuff!  Thanks Stefanie!

Favorite discovery: it's a personal one but until I started blogging, I never realized the encouragement I could feel and the genuine fun I could have with virtual strangers.
Favorite place in the world: I fall in love with nearly every locale I visit but home is where my heart is.
Style icon: pretty much any woman captured in a black and white photo in the 1940s
Favorite movie: love actually - I rarely cry at movies but this one has me sniffling at the first scene 


Underwear: Victoria Secret but their version of old lady bloomers 
Watch: Tiffany stainless steel classic, gift from my husband for my 30th birthday. A prized possession.   
Day dress and day bag: I'm crazy for print dresses lately. As for purse, I'm either sporting a target bag in a funky color or my black Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB 
Evening dress: I don't have many occasions to wear evening wear but the last time I got all dolled up I wore a black lace dress 
Jeans: I'm not brand loyal at all - whatever looks good on - but banana republic and levis are my go to 
Shoes: usually sneakers (I'm sporting a pair of black Puma Maya kp now)
Where you live: of course!
Favorite art: I love old portrait paintings - they have a beautiful eeriness - but they are hard to find at reasonable prices.  I also like to hang my own photography and work up.
Bedding: Targets fieldcrest line has great sheets. 
Coffee table books: ive used blurb to put snapshots of our travels into our own coffee table books - definitely a good conversation starter when company is over plus it's nice to relive the trips when flipping thru.
Flowers: peonies and lilacs 

Perfume: I don't wear any
Moisturizer: Bvlgari Eau Vert
Mascara: I think I have last blast but only wear it a few time a year
Shampoo: Keratin Complex
Blush: none, I always have rose cheeks, like it or not
Lipstick: I don't use any but I'm addicted to soft lips FHA stick

The weekend

I LOVE 4 day weekends! Four days off with lots of sunshine allow for some lovely moments around the city, we "discovered" new places to take our Sunday shoots, had a bike ride in a deserted almost city, enjoyed non stop the sun (amazing!) and had the chance to meet the lovely Monica from Beauty Parler among many other stuff. How was your weekend lovelies?

London is all dolled up for the big day next Friday

Fruit salad for breakfast, best way to start the long weekend

Under the rain, yes a quick shower, at Sloane Square tube station. Loved the green

Mind the Gap people. Clearly

Lusting after beautiful bridal shoes by Aruna Seth with lovely Monica from Beauty Parler

Coke and champagne? You gotta love the holidays!

and red eggs for Easter! Thanks George and Alex for having us, we had a lovely time!

Bikes, new fave!

Swedish Hasbeens for H&M, in red, very last pair in my local shop. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Outfit

Happy Monday lovelies! How has your weekend been? Mine is still going and today is the last day off of UK's first four days weekends! We've had a lovely time strolling around incredibly hot London, enjoying Easter a la Greek with friends and eating yummy roasted lamb. Do you celebrate Easter? What are your traditions?
I wish I wore a skirt! I'm very much into accessories lately, like many of you I'm sure! What accessories you like the most? I love bracelets!

Jeans: Hollister | Top: Zara | Ballerinas: French Sole
Necklaces: Whistles and vintage | Rings: Ottoman Hands and gifted | Bracelet: Topshop

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly links & Happy Easter

I knew Ashlina was talented but this styling work she did, confirmed it 1000%
Behind the scenes of Syd's (yes from The Daybook) photoshoot with Ruche.
So cute, a ruffled cake banner. With tutorial!
Katherine Power's home, from Who What Wear. Found through Logan.
Melanie's flower cone invitations are my fave
Jenni shows us how to style a shelf. Great tips!
A red velvet bunny? impressed!
Probably my favourite Greek food: Yemista (stuffed yummy peppers)
For those of you who will be celebrating this days, Happy Easter my dears! What are your plans?
OH! yesterday I was at Keely's place Luxe+Lillies sharing me Interior Life. Hope you take a look if you have a moment. Thanks for having me Keely!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pearl's home

This is the home of Pearl Lowe. For those of you who don't know Pearl Lowe, she is a British songwriter turned designer. After leaving the wild life in London she now lives with all her family in Somerset, close to Bath, in an ever charming cottage. I saw her house in the latest Grazia issue and had to share. i looked around the internet but couldn't find any pictures so here they are straight from the magazine! It's incredibly beautiful, full of rustic and vintage details and quirky bits that make this an unforgettable home.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The New Sheridan Hotel branding

This isn't strictly speaking new but I really like it. I think it's a great branding exercise and one done very well. There is no doubt, that in the world we live, branding, and getting it right, is incredibly important. I think the New Sheridan Hotel in Colorado with Urban Influence's hep got in incredibly right. The logo is sophisticated yet edgy and the details are second to none. Who wouldn't fall head over heels with these super cute coffee cups and the intricate detail of the menu?
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