Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Stuff Series **Table Tonic**

I'm very excited to haveLouise from Table Tonic today at the My Stuff. Louise is an Aussie and her blog is a pure pleasure to read. She lives with her family in their newly bought cutest beach house ever and runs an incredible online shop. I'm honored to have her here.

Favorite Discovery: Japanese Hair Straightening - for the sheer number of hours it has saved me in the bathroom! I go to Yui Endo in Sydney’s Double Bay.
Favorite Place in the World: Oooh – It would have to be a 3-way tie between New York, Lake Como (Italy) and Sydney, Australia, where I live (it’s always so good to come home!)
Style Icons: I generally find anyone creative to be incredibly inspiring, style-wise. Artists, stylists, decorators and jewelers (to name a few) all bring something to my mental table!
Favorite Designers: Dries van Noten, Marni, Isabel Marant and Marc Jacobs. And for Aussies, Lee Matthews and Scanlan & Theodore. I can’t actually afford any of them, but a girl can dream!
Favorite Movie: Hmmm. Difficult. I love a kooky comedy like The Darjelling Limited and Napoleon Dynamite, also old James Bond movies and French films...

Jeans: Nudie “Slim Jim” (actually a men’s style) or Sportsgirl for skinny styles
Underwear: Bonds boy leg undies. Always.
Watch: A Silver Gucci bought in 1999 (my Husband’s!)
Day dress and day bag: A bright, floaty dress, a light scarf, sandals (and a tan!) in summer, Nudie jeans and trainers in winter. At the moment, I’m using an increasingly beaten up looking Country Road satchel bag, which is getting better every day.
Evening Dress: Another bright and floaty dress with a leather jacket, a scarf and heels.
Shoes: In summer, I absolutely live in K Jacques leather sandals, patent Black or  natural tan (I even got my mum wearing them!), and in winter, White Converse all stars, Black Nike high-tops, Black suede Minnetonka boots.

Inspiration: Kelly Wearstler, Nature, the 70’s, Morocco, India, eclecticism, Art.
Favorite Art: I’m increasingly enjoying the use of exotic textiles as “art”.
Bedding: Plain White 100% cotton with a Moroccan Wedding blanket thrown on top. It ‘jingles’ every time the dog jumps on the bed!
Stationery: Anything simple – I’ve recently discovered (and am loving) “French Navy”.
Coffee table books: All of Kelly Wearstler’s, Domino Book of Decorating, Still Life by Irving Penn, Iconic Australian Houses: Three Decades of Domestic Architecture by Karen McCartney
Flowers: Cherry blossoms, freesias (for their scent) and anything bright!

Perfume: Philosykos by Diptyque, Marc Jacobs Pink Grapefruit, or Geranium Essential Oil.
Moisturizer: Dermalogica Skin Smoothing cream (face) Body Shop Body Butter (body)
Mascara: Any (I’m not very fussy when it comes to mascara!), but any by Benefit are pretty great.
Shampoo: Spluge: Redken (All Soft range) Steal: L’Oreal Elvive
Soap: Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (face) Dove Beauty Bar (body)

Thank you so much Louise!
Ps: Louise made these gorgeous collages this time, pretty!!


  1. This series is rapidly increasing the length of my wish list. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing! :-)

  2. What a fun style she has! I really love this My Stuff Series (: Such a pleasure to read!


  3. I keep seeing busy bee Louise popping up on my favorite blogs! Great posting you both xox

  4. Louise's blog is such an inspiration, so it's fun to get to know her a bit better! Love a good pair of Converse!

  5. Looks great! Things are good, busy busy with the house. I love it! Loved your comment re: your caricature!! lol...How are you doing?? xxx

  6. Lovely picks! That coconut body butter is a fave of mine too. xo

  7. Ohh what a beautiful post,sweetie
    Have a great day

    ps: I am hosting a really sweet GIVEAWAY today, so please join in:) ...I bet you will love it!!!

  8. What fun stuff! New York is one of my favorite places too.

  9. Great post and I love, love, love Body Shop cocoa butter.

  10. Sounds like a great girl, off to check out her blog!

  11. New to your blog but REALLY like this series :) !!!

    Great post! Happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  12. Fabulous list! I especially love the beauty picks. Off to check her out now :)


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