Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Cherry on the Cake

I'm very very excited about the new paper collection at the  V&A Museum shop. The Cherry on the Cake range is a collection of designer made limited editions of the very best in the shop. This third edition is focused on paper, a much loved product by many of us and the collection is flawless. Among others there is a laser print cut print by the famed Rob Ryan, a screenprint by typographist specialist James Brown that celebrates beauty and usefulness, and an incredibly intricate hand cut print by Chisato Tamabayashi. All in all a stunning celebration of everything print and paper. As usual the V&A never ceases to impress. 

Blog Crawl: a book, my book

Time to Blog Crawl here too! Before I start I would like to thanks the amazing Beth from Hello Splendor for putting this together, it's a great way to get to know our favorite bloggers a bit better, get to know some new (or not) bloggers and have a good time. Thanks Beth!
Yesterday the fab Rachelle from Kenzipoo shared her story and tomorrow is Tonya's turn from Chic Modern Vintage

Thank you again Beth, this was definitely a fun challenge! 
Cities drawing by The Coloring Spot
Red ballon by Paislee Press

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Stuff Series **Imagine**

Jami is a beauty from LA and she blogs at Imagine. She is fun, sweet and has a super eye for fab interior trends. I love love her cocktail series and her insider tricks. She knows her stuff and what i love most is that she makes it accesible to everyone with her warmth and her writing style.
If you dont knowJami, go, you can thank me later. 

Favorite Discovery: That I can find peace & happiness & be content anywhere. The grass is not always greener on the other side.
Favorite Place in the World: My home. I spend most of my time there. And I have all my favorite things there: my boyfriend, my dogs and my cat!
Style Icons: Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Conrad, Kelly Ripa
Favorite Designer: It's impossible to pinpoint my favorite! Here are a few: Mary McDonald, Nate Berkus, Woodson & Rummerfield, Daryl Carter, Thom Filicia, Kelley Wearstler, Sixx Design, Kara Mann, Vincente Wolf
Favorite Movie: For laughs: The Hangover, for love: The Notebook

Jeans: Anything on the rack from Nordstrom Rack or Marshalls. I really like black or white skinny jeans right now. I've never been a huge fan of blue jeans.
Underwear: Daytime: thongs, Bedtime: granny panties
Watch: My D&G watch I received as a Christmas present a couple years ago from my boyfriend. 
Day dress and day bag: Practically everyday (of the summer) you can find me in a sundress or a romper! I've been carrying around this Jessica Simpson bag in Key Lime from TJ Maxx. I love it; it has so many pockets that I can fit my stuff in!
Evening Dress: I LOVE dressing up! I tend to go out quite often and I really enjoy wearing something new everytime I go out, sooo...the only way I can really afford that is shopping for dresses at Macys, Forever 21, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls...
Shoes: One of my favorite perks about living in Southern California is that I get to wear flip flops for most of the year! Every Spring, I stock up on all the different colors & types from Target. I also love wedges! I love the look of heels, but I my tootsies can only walk a few hours in them! If I'm wearing heels, it's these Guess Metallic heels.

Inspiration: I have loved design and decorating since I was building homes with blocks, setting up dollhouses and rearranging my parents furniture. Much of my inspiration has stemmed from my mom and dad who were notorious for buying "fixer uppers". They constantly painted, built furniture, repurposed antiques bought at auctions, installed carpet, hung wallpaper and refinished wood floors, all resulting in making a house a home. Watching and learning from my parents, I quickly caught on and began re-decorating my bedroom over and over again.
Favorite Art: Anything natural like bunches of sticks, grasses or reeds that have a cool shape. I really like using mirrors as artwork. I don't really like framed art, because I change my decor A LOT and I think framed art is sometimes too "themey". I have a white plaster parrot hanging on my wall that's pretty cool.
Bedding: White 500 thread count sheets (usually bought at Home Goods) are a must in our bedroom! I love our down comforter and our memory foam pillows from Costco.
Stationery: I'm terrible at writing hand written notes & letters! When I do write letters, I mostly type up a letter on my computer and create my own "stationary" with pictures of my boyfriend and I, our doggies and our cat. 
Coffee table books: Well, since we have 2 monsters (I mean, angel pups!), I can't keep books on our coffee table unless I want them torn to shreds within a matter of hours. But I do have loads & loads of bookshelves filled with books such as Downtown Chic, Chocolate: A Love Story, 501 Must Read Books, Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book.
Flowers: I'm not much of a flower kind of girl; I prefer houseplants and vegetable gardens! We do have a beautiful hydrangia bush that blossoms huge pink flowers every year. Our backyard is filled with bamboo, birds of paradise and palms. I also planted a vegetable garden this summer with veggies such as: tomatoes, onions, corn and beets.

Perfume: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. I love how simple, clean and refreshing it is.
Moisturizer: Mary Kay Timewise. I've been using it for about a decade!
Mascara: Loreal Voluminous - Love the Blackest Black with a curved brush!
Shampoo: My hair was black a year ago! Turning blonde has caused a bit of damage to my hair so I use this: Bumble & Bumble Mending
Soap: I'm a die hard Bath & Body Works addict. Twice a year they have their big semi-annual sale and I stock up on all my body washes and lotions. My favorite is Coconut Lime Verbana.

Thanks Jami!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Erin Fetherston

I didn't know about Erin Fetherston, what an omission! This graduate from the Parson's School of Design has a great talent and an incredible collection to show off. I can't wait to see what she comes up for Juicy Couture but for now her fall collection has me drooling over the gorgeous silhouettes, incredible dresses and blouses and sassy look. 

The Spring 2011 collection presented a couple of weeks ago, is as incredible as the current one. The boudoir style, the clean lines and the pussycat bows, everything is enchanting. 

oh la la

 here is a little bit of my PARIS... what's yours?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Merci Paris

Merci was probably one of my highlights in Paris, I had been to the city so the Louvre wasn't my priority :) Merci is a Parisian concept that gives back to charity, the brain child of Marie-France and Bernard Cohen, founders of the chic kiddies shop Bonpoit. Merci has everything your heart might want, fashion, interiors, books (vintage, amazing!) flowers, 2 cafes, kitchen ware, jewelry and a small Annick Goutal counter. Marie-France Cohen and the late Annick Goutal were sisters. They sell 4 of her fragrances at cheaper prices, no fancy bottle but really amazing smells. 

Merci in Paris
Merci Paris
Merci Paris
Merci Paris
Merci Paris
Merci Paris

And the Annick Goutal counter

Annick Goutal counter at Merci in Paris
Annick Goutal counter at Merci in Paris
Annick Goutal counter at Merci in Paris
MERCI, merci!

Sunday Outfit

Hello lovelies! I'm back from Paris and starting the new week not as much rest as i would have liked but the trip was fabulous! Paris is with no doubt a gorgeous city with so much to explore and unfortunately a short weekend is not enough by any means but still enough to get the French flare. I will post a full recap later. And in case you wondered, yes there was still some time to take some outfit photos, they didn't come great for some reason but here they are nonetheless (I LOVE that I finally found a jean shirt!)

Skirt and Shirt: Stradivarius
Necklace: Elephantine
Boots: Old but might be Kalliste

I would like to thanks Sarah from Haute Design for her amazing guest post on Friday, thanks Sarah, beautiful post!! oh! I will be picking a winner for the Shopbop giveaway tomorrow, if you haven't had a chance to enter, go ahead now.
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