Friday, July 02, 2010

Twilight Weekend and a girl in Black

Yep the time has come for me too, heading to watch Eclipse on Sunday. The official premiere is last week so happy to watch it this weekend! And I didn't want to overdue my obsession with Edward in this post so here are Miss. Stewart's last looks. Do you see a trend? yes, black, short and messy hair. Kind of rock chick no?

What is Kristen Stewart wearing?

1. Marchesa
2. RM by Roland Mouret
3. Herve Leger
4. Azzaro
5. Jenni Kayne skirt and Market Bridgette tee.

Don't forget to enter the Dr. Perricone giveaway if you haven't already. Have a great weekend xoxo
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  1. The second look is my fave. The hairstyle,the hair color and the black dress the make a good team together.

  2. When she looks good she looks GOOD! Sometimes I just want to shake her and say GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!

  3. She is so awkward but I love her style! Can't wait to see the movie tomorrow!!!

  4. Noooooo!!!! YOu're a Twilight fan? How COULD you? Hahahaha. But I must admit, this girl's got some style!

  5. Helena, I love it I too am intrigued by the Twilight series and movies!!

    Fingers are crossed for your giveaway!!

    Art by Karena

  6. hey, girl! loved this post. enjoy the movie! (i saw it wednesday. might have to see it again this weekend. this time might - i said might - bring the bf.)

    and i'm digging look #3 and #4. so fun!

    (go team edward!)

  7. LOVE, you are going to LOVE Eclipse! It was so good. I maybe want to go see it again already, is that bad?! Ha! Would love for you to come link this up to Fabulous Friday!
    Heather @

  8. that 4th look is gorgeous! nice blog you have, Helena! will be checking more often. xoxo

  9. black dresses are soo classic and hot! i just wore one last night to the julianne hough concert and sushi dinner! have a great weekend helena!

  10. she rocks all of em! and i don't particularly like her!

  11. I can't wait to see the movie! Kristen always has this look on her face like "I could really care less". I find it amusing.


  12. Its hard to catch this girl smiling...ha ha!
    She looks good in black so she know how to rock it.
    LOVE #2!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Helena!!

  13. adding your cute button to my page!

  14. I like the 3rd pic but I am not a fan of her to be honest! Hope you're doing fine Sweetie!!!

  15. I really have to see the movie...Maybe this weekend:)
    I like her style a lot:)
    Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend:)

  16. I have to say she's looking pretty good these days...I'm liking the new hair.

    Have fun this weekend honey! xoxo

  17. She does look good! I know you're happy to see Eclipse, you little Twihard! Enjoy! XO!

  18. It's a little dark for my tastes but she does look good. Have a fab time at the movie and a wonderful weekend, love!
    xo Josie

  19. herve leger dress is AMAZING!LIKE LIKE LIKE!!
    black and messy hair, that's a style i'm definately going to try!!

  20. Enjoy, Helena! I love the pic. w/ her hair down. xo

  21. i can't wait to see it... SO excited!

  22. She is fabulous! Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  23. Wow, the 3rd one is just wow!:D Nice to see her smiling!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie

  24. I like her style and all, but overall just don't find her all that gorgeous. simple girl, simple silhouette and simple face. I know, I know, I am like this sometimes ;)

  25. oh, her hair looks a little lighter, which i like.

    i saw the movie on opening day because i, too, have a little thing for edward. ;)

  26. seen her in many short-mini outfits lately!
    This movie is on my list as well~
    Enjoy your weekend darling!

  27. My daughter is hooked! Have a great Sunny Sunday Helena xo

  28. I'm just come back from the movie...she's so beautiful in the Eclipse episode!
    Have a great week!
    Happy 4th of july!


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