Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Stuff Series **The Zhush**

I imagine Sue from the Zhush very glam, gorgeous polished mom, super talented. You gotta love her if you know her, so so sweet and her blog is full of beauty and have you seen her random Chanel items? Have you seen the petanque balls Sue?
 Sue, is, in one word,  flawless. 

Favorite Discovery: The world of blogging...of course!
Favorite Place in the World: Sea Island, Georgia
Favorite designer: Karl Lagerfeld
Style icons: Carla Bruni, Jennifer Anniston, Jenna Lyons, Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi
Moore, Olivia Palermo
Favorite movie:  A Walk On The Moon

Jeans: AG jeans
Underwear: Hanky Panky
Watch: Stainless Steel Rolex Men's Explorer (gift from my husband)
Day dress: DVF wrap dress
Evening dress: Fantasy/Chanel couture
                      Reality/ Catherine Malandrino
Day bag: Balenciaga Arena Giant covered day bag in Raisin
Evening Bag: Chanel classic flap bag in black caviar
Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman's Avignon pump in Adobe patent leather, these are my newest obsession, lengthens the leg...and surprisingly comfortable!
Favorite Art: My children's artwork
Bedding: Matouk linens 
Stationery: what's left of my Smythson of Bond Street....
Flowers: Peonies
Perfume: Child
Moisturizer:  Cetaphil
Mascara:  Maybelline Great Lash
Shampoo:  Red Flower Lavender
Soap: Tracie Martyn

Thank you Sue!


  1. I sometimes believe that Sue's days have 48 hours in them. Wow I just can't keep with her :). She has great style, humor and a big warm heart. Wonderful posting great teamwork girls xox
    ...and now I really have to start packing, it is past 1 already and I am leaving tomorrow morning for Toronto :}}}

  2. You have discovered another entirely feminine and chic woman to share. Bravo!


  3. Sue is amazing and I adore her blog:) She is so creative and I love her random Chanel posts:)
    Peonies are lovely:)
    Kisses sweetie and wish you both a great day:)

  4. Thanks for sharing, I need to visit this blog, it sounds fabulous. I love this list as well, Zhush here I come. LOL.

    Congrats on your blog award, I couldn't resit as I admire your blog so much.

    Luv Lisa xx

  5. What an interesting blogger!:D Thanks for featuring her!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  6. She is SO fabulous; I love her!
    xo Josie

  7. This little column continues to be my favorite "guest spot" of any of them out there! So fun to learn about Sue. The Zhush is one I am continually inspired by! I love her blog!

  8. Love The Zhush and Sue! She's fantastic and a true modern woman!

    xx Vivian @

  9. I LOVE Sue! And I'm not surprised that I LOVE her list as well.

    Happy Wednesday sweetie! xoxo

  10. Love her!! So glad to see all her stuff... I always enjoy seeing how other people live.

  11. Yes to the Chanel classic flap! So sweet that her children's artwork is her favorite!

  12. I love how, her children's artwork is her favorite art too. And Sue always amazed me with her random Chanel items.

  13. LOVE her blog! So fun getting to know her more!

  14. always love this series! love zhush too!

  15. i just adore Sue...we are definitely style sisters. love the series helena!!!!

  16. Oh Sue! Love her blog. Everything is always so pretty and inspirational there. Her posts make me want to redo my house; or move somewhere tropical and fancy :) Great post! xo

  17. LOVE her blog - and I'm with the first comment that says she has 48 hours in her days! haha :)

  18. Thanks so much for this, it was a lot of fun, but the real treat for me was to see how pretty YOU made my style and stuff appear! Thanks again, xoxo

  19. Wow Sue has such great style. Fun to see her over here.

  20. Sue is so talented and a wonderful blogger! A great list!

  21. what a great new blog :) thx!


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