Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My Stuff Series **6th Street Design School**

Kirsten is a talented young interior designer from Utah and her blog 6th Street Design School reflects her beautiful aesthetic and all her loves. She is extremely sweet, has a beautiful little family and has done in the past some crazy/amazing DIY. Did you see the trellis window treatment Kirsten made? My jaw was on the floor for about 5 minutes (then I picked it up yes don't worry)

Favorite Discovery: Copenhagen, Denmark. I spent a day there a few years ago and I thought the whole city was magical.
Favorite Place in the World: Utah. It will always be my home. 
Style Icons: Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Hasslebeck and Katie Holmes.
Favorite Designer: Kelly Wearstler
Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans

Jeans: True Religion
Underwear: Victoria Secret boy-shorts 
Watch: I don’t wear one so I have no idea :)
Day dress and day bag: Anthropologie and I love Juicy bags.
Evening Dress: I don’t wear a lot of evening dresses but I love anything with ruffles
Shoes: I love metallic flats.
Inspiration: I am totally inspired by blogs when decorating my home.
Favorite Art: I love poster prints on etsy.  I love all the cute sayings and great graphic design. 
Bedding: Matteo 
Stationery: I love Kate Spade stationary.
Coffee table books:The Domino Interior Design Book,The Home Book by House Beautiful
Flowers: Peonies, hydrangeas and sunflowers
Perfume: Heavenly by Victoria Secret
Moisturizer: Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer
Shampoo: Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo
Soap: My husband is a pilot and he always brings me home some great soaps from different hotels. 
Thank you so much Kirsten!!
PS: the winner of the Dr. Perricone Giveaway is Kara Lynn from Life in Technicolor
Congratulations and thank you very much to all of you who entered.
You can enter the CSN Giveaway if you want here


  1. Love Kate Spade stationary, DiorShow mascara, and Reese Witherspoon's style too :)

  2. Great interview, Helena! Katie Holmes has wonderful style!


  3. i'm so diggin' this gal's style. thanks for the intro!

    always love these posts!

  4. She's got a great sense of style! I am loving her blog. :) I absolutely love the Anthropologie dress! That place is the best. Oh, and I also love the Domino interior book!

    Love your blog, I've got your button. :) Be sure to check out ours and follow!

    With love,

    Rachel xx

  5. Great taste!! Thanks for an awesome interview!

  6. seriously love this feature and hope you've got more fabulous bloggers in store for us — such a fun read!!!

  7. I LOVE Heavenly too. Vickie's has the best scents!

  8. no wonder kirsten and i are friends, we have so many similar faves! great series. :)

  9. Oh darling Helena, you never cease to amaze me with your incredible blog finds! I am so happy you introduced us to Kirsten, she seems like a doll. Hugs to you beautiful friend!!! xoxoxo

  10. Muy interesante como siempre.
    Aprovecho para protestar: Queremos Anthropologie en EspaƱa!!!


  11. great post, inspirations and style :)

  12. This is great. Thanks for sharing. Shes the best too.

  13. great feature...thank you for introducing us to this talented lady!


  14. What an amazing interview...I loved reading it:) Have a wonderful day,Helena...

  15. i'm too poor to afford aveda products on a regularly basis - but when i splurge, they are uuuh-mazing!

    a great post. :)

  16. OK, this girl has fab taste. I love the little soap comment. :)

    Have her stop over at my designer challenge. I am having a fab designer from Dallas redo my living room

  17. I love that stationery, and Matteo! They used to be a client of mine back when I lived in Los Angeles - they're a great company, such nice people.

  18. I'm OBSESSED with metallic flats! Great post!!

  19. Great interview ladies! Love 6th street blog so this was fun to read!
    E. Hasselback has such great style! I agree!

  20. oh my! i adore, i mean LOVE all of the outfits in this post!! my jaw dropped, and i can't pick it up!! ;)

  21. This was a great interview - awesome post..


  22. Lovely interview. Knowing someone's inspiration is especially interesting if the person in fact is so stylish.

    Your blog remains cool and sweet...

  23. Dior show is the best mascara- not only does it make my eyelashes look amazing, it smells lovely too!

  24. Loooooooove her color inspirations. Just beautiful!

  25. Thank you for this post!

  26. She sure knows what she's doing. I love her taste in fashion. Well done to you too for this interview.
    mandurah property


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