Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Outfit (and gazpacho recipe)

This weekend has been pure relax, so needed and so welcomed. We had some friends over on Friday, Saturday was all about relaxing and Sunday about making gazpacho. Have you tried it? I used to hate it (as I didn't like tomatoes) but decided to try it he other day and now I'm obsessed. I spent a good part of Sunday peeling and chopping what could be a small vegetable garden, but was sooo worth it! and of course we took some photos for my Monday outfit post. 

Dress: Chantal, my colleague bought it for herself at a market, and I bought it off her
Belt: Zara
Necklace: Whistles
Sandals: Zara, old

And a recipe!
Gazpacho in a bottle

In case someone wants to try to make gazpacho (vegetable cold soup) here is the recipe I use.
- Yesterday's bread and croutons
- 6 ripe tomatoes
- 2 green peppers
- 1 red pepper
- 1 cucumber
- 2/3 slices of yesterday's bread
- 1 onion (its heart mainly)
- 1-2 cloves of garlic (optional, but it's nice for the kick)
- Balsamic vinagre, salt, pepper and some olive oil

How to:
- Put 3 slices of bread in a bowl with water and let it soak
- Peel the peppers (annoying but really worth it) and chop them 
- Peel the cucumber and chop
- Chop the tomatoes (no need to peel them really)
- Chop onion and garlic
- Put all the vegetables in a large bowl and add the wet bread and some water, add salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic (I do everything by eye, but maybe 2 Tbp of olive oil and 4 of vinagre will do?)
- Blend everything until creamy. I use our Braun Multiquick (a hand held mixer)

Serve cold. Which means put it in the fridge for... 4 hours? It can be eaten straight away but it's yummier really cold. Add some croutons or toasted bread. 

and Bon Appetit xoxo


  1. SO glad you had a good weekend!!

    and that soup looks pretty much amazing. i love vegetable soup. especially pureed! thanks for the recipe!.

  2. You look like a doll in your floral dress!! And that belt looks great with it!

    Yummy yummy gazpacho! I must make this soon :)


  3. Lovely pics of you ~ love the belt with that dress and of course your big smile! Hmmm.... always looking for new recipes ~ thanks! xo

  4. You are putting me in a gazpacho mood! Love your dress too dear!

  5. oh, i just love your dress.

  6. Such pretty pics and I love your belt! So glad you're having such an amazing weekend!

  7. I absolutely LOVE gazpacho. YUMMY! :) AND... that dress is gorje.

  8. Pretty floral dress, I would have wanted it too!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  9. Love your supe-cute dress! Looks like you are having glorious summer weather; I hope you are enjoying every minute! xx

  10. My mom used to make something similar to gazpacho when I was little! I remember it being delicious. And, love the dress!

  11. You are so adorable! I love that dress.

    I've never tried gazpacho as I've also got a thing with tomatoes.

  12. You look so chic -- LOVE that belt!
    xo Josie

  13. ugh- the weather looks so amazing and warm there!

  14. Perfecto - a lovely summer outfit! Gaspacho is divine! Glad you had a lovely weekend! xo

  15. Your dress is gorgeous! A really summery outfit! Am going to have to try that Gaspacho!

    Have a great week xo

  16. El vestido es delicioso, pero lo que mas me gusta es cómo lo llevas.
    Gracias por sonreirnos cada semana con tus preciosos looks :D


  17. You look like summer itself. All happy and floral. Thanks for the Gazpacho recipe!;-)

  18. I love gazpacho in summertime:)
    Glad you had a great weekend, sweetie and that dress is so pretty:) Kisses and enjoy your Monday. Hope its sunny:)

  19. I love your dress, so pretty! We're definitely in need of warm soups here at the moment though! Have a great week x

  20. Gazpacho in a bottle! Never seen it like that, but it looks kind of perfect! Will have to test out your recipe. Hope your week is off to a great start :)

  21. Love the belt, you look adorable (as always!).

  22. oh, you look so cute Helena!! i loved your dress.. fabulous..


  23. That is such an adorable dress. It really looks stunning on you!

  24. Hi darling, I love monday's outfit, my favourite post of the week as we get to see YOU:) what a gorgeous dress. the belt goes perfect with it.

    Dena xoxo

  25. You look beautiful sweetie! Just gorgeous. And that dress is adorable! I would have bought if off of someone too :)

  26. niceee!!my two loves in one post!food and fashion!!

  27. you look beautiful and bright as usual and this recipe sounds so interesting - never had it but you got me curious.

  28. rock it pretty girl! Glad to see you can wear such a summery outfit. Must mean it was great weather:-)

  29. you are so darn cute!
    thanks for the recipe... I'll add it to my summer file & attempt it in the next few weeks. sounds delish!


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