Saturday, July 31, 2010

Design Democracy Awards Nomination

I'm here but I'm not here really. This is a scheduled post I write before leaving to Greece (which means that now I'm suffering the heat in Athens!). 
I have been nominated by someone very nice to the nominate me to the mydeco Design Democracy Blog Awards, thank you, it's really exciting news for this little blog of mine. And because this is about Design Democracy here I am to share what Design Democracy means to me. 
In a nutshell it means what some years ago might have seemed impossible, to enjoy of a beautiful place to call home - in a budget. To come back from work and be happy to be back because one actually enjoys being at home, because this home is what you made of it.
To be inspired by beautiful and talented people who have made their houses a home, like many fellow bloggers... 


and many more...
Design Democracy is not to be restricted by a budget but by imagination. Design Democracy is the possibility that one has to create beautiful pieces for the home...
Like this gorgeous headboard that has my heart racing...

or this gorgeous and useful coarkboard

Design Democracy is when all and each of us has the chance to express what a beautiful home is, though all the incredible blogs and through some amazing online magazines, yes I'm talking about you Lonny and Rue

Design Democracy is each of us, and the love we have for design and for the chance to recreate and love it every minute of it. 
Design Democracy is what each of us makes of it. 
Is all the love we put into our houses to make them feel our homes, our homes to enjoy with our loved ones. 
Design Democracy is you, you and yes you too!

If you feel like voting go ahead, and will be for ever and ever grateful! You can do so HERE. 

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  1. Fantastic -- you deserve this very much! Your blog is such a delight :)

    Have a lovely weekend, Helena.


  2. congrats and enjoy greece..i will be arriving in athens in 2 weeks from today..i can't believe it! my first excited!

  3. See now you are that much closer to being made the president of the blog world;-) Hope you enjoy your vacation darling.

    xx - CB

  4. hope you are having a wonderful time in greece. I love love love the circle wallpaper! xx

  5. Congrats Helena!!

    I love that beautiful headboard too...
    xoxo laura

  6. Helena, this is so well-deserved! Congratulations and thank you for the mention. :)

  7. Ya te he votado guapa. Atenas... qué envidia!!

  8. congrats to you! off to vote for you now...and have a great trip~xx

  9. Wow - I am just seeing this! Thank you so much for including me and my home!

  10. congrats my lovely girl. I am off to vote for you now. Have a wonderful time away and coffee awaits when you get back. x

  11. oh congrats! that is wonderful news. I enjoyed this post. thank you for including me in it. hope you are having a wonderful time in greece. enjoy!

  12. The last design is awesome! I wonder who have that idea.


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