Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My Stuff Series **In Honor of Design**

The sweet Anna from In Honor of Design is a gorgeous woman with an incredible heart. Her little family is absolutely gorgeous and her talent is superb (a graphic designer who makes headbands? oooh yes!!) In Honor of Design is full of gorgeousness, from fashion to DIY, from the blogger of the week to great giveaways. You really don't want to miss her, check her My Stuff, you will absolutely adore her!Inspirations
Favorite Discovery: That marriage teaches you how to love unconditionally, and motherhood makes your heart grow twice as large.
Favorite Place in the World: Anywhere my family is. + Mexico Beaches and Italian Villiages. Spain is on my next destination list.
Style Icons: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly-These women’s best features were there dignity and grace. It made them style icons.
Favorite Movie: To hard to choose! I am a sucker for Romantic Comedies. I watch Return to Me and You’ve Got Mail on a regular basis.

Jeans: Sevens, Paper Denim, J Crew
Underwear: hmmm now that will be kept a secret;)
Watch: If I wear one they have Jelly Bands in bright colors.
Day dress and day bag: I kind of have a bag (and accessories) weakness. H&M and Etsy are my favorite places to find killer bags.
Dresses: Target and Forever21, but my heart was made for Anthropologie and J. Crew 
Evening Dress: I love to shop at locally owned boutiques when I visit different cities. You know you are wearing something unique and supporting a small Business.
Shoes: DSW or Target
Inspiration: Lonny Mag 
Favorite Art: Photography. My house is filled with photography. It can capture a momento in time or a perfect expression. I am so excited to receive a print I just ordered from Simply Hue.
Bedding: Calvin Klein
Stationery: Whimsy Press, Snicklefritz & PJ
Coffee table books: Audrey Hepburn, The Joy In Loving
Flowers: Roses, Peonies

Perfume: Jade-Banana Republic, Victoria Secret Body Splash
Moisturizer: Mary Kay Intense Moisturizer
Mascara: I am perpetually on the Hunt for the perfect mascara! A few faves-Maybeline Lash Blast, Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, Mac
Shampoo: Dove Intense Moisture followed by Morrocan Oil
Soap: I get a new brand every month :)

Thank you so so much Anna!! You are such a sweetheart!


  1. She is such a sweetheart, Helena! I love her first comment about marriage and motherhood! Nice guest post. xo

  2. Fantastic guest post Helena...Anna is such a beautiful soul and ever so talented..thanks so much for sharing xo

  3. I love Anna to death and her blog is fabulous. Great post!

  4. Gorgeous inspiration photos. That dress is so lovely. Almost as lovely as she is!

  5. great feature and i loved what she said about her favorite discovery. so well versed!

    and i see moroccanoil on her list. my best friend raves about it. must try!

  6. Anna is such a smart chick, I absolutely love this quote: "That marriage teaches you how to love unconditionally, and motherhood makes your heart grow twice as large."

  7. Anna this was great! Helena thanks so much for these kinds of posts, it's so good to see the human side of our blog friends and learn about their loves in life.

  8. Anna is one awesome blogger. Great post!

  9. Anna rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a wonderful post :D

  10. Stopping by from In Honor of Design. Loved this feature!

  11. What a lovely feature and a lovely gal! Loved learning more about you, Anna! Thanks for sharing : )

  12. Loved getting to know Anna better, thank you for featuring her :)

  13. Oh love love love this!! Sounds like quite the amazing woman :) Great post as usual Helena!! Night night gorgeous XO

  14. I adore Anna, her work & her blog! It was lovely learning about her. I love her thoughts on marriage & her comment about motherhood making your heart grow twice as big. I'm not at that stage of life -yet- but that makes me excited to eventually get there! I also can relate to her Anthro & J.Crew obsession!


  15. Great style!
    Adore the bag shown here~

  16. Yes she is!!! I love her blog and her bubbly supersweet personality! Thanks for sharing this!

  17. I love photography, too. Lovely post!

  18. Great post she is such a lovely girl!! Thanks so much darling for sharing:)Kisses and have a great day!!!

  19. great post! I love the style.

  20. Anna is fantastic, thanks for hosting this feature!!

    I hope both of you girls have a lovely and fun day :)

  21. Oh I love Anna! Such a great post :)

    Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday sweetie xoxo

  22. awe super sweet post - love getting to know people on here more deeply! xoxo

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  23. Anna is a super dear friend. She's awesome, it's even more awesome knowing more on her "stuff"! I love her Home inspirations, i see some of mine over there!

  24. Return to Me is SUCH a cute/sweet movie! I love the smell of Moroccan oil too- my hairdresser uses it.

  25. I love these interviews! They are so to the point and filled with great links. Love Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Wonderful women.


  26. Anna is an immensely talented designer/blogger extraordinaire and i love love love this series on your blog, Helena.

  27. Love the post Helena! I love discovering your faves because they are instant new loves:)
    Just added you to my blogroll, can't believe I hadn't...

  28. Love Anna's blog and her sweet and loving heart. Thanks for sharing your stuff with us Anna.

  29. love anna! she's too cute and SO talented


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