Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Stuff Series **Hey Gorgeous**

Rhiannon blogs at Hey Gorgeous and is a bride to be, yay! You know what that means in her case? Stunning wedding inspiration, incredible DIY projects and lots of fun. Check out the stunning chalkboard framed signs she made. L.O.V.E!

And another thing, if you want beautiful images Hey Gorgeous is the place to go. Love that girl!

Inspirations: My dreams, the world around me, photography, my wedding plans, my mom, inspiration is a beautiful thing! 
Favourite Discovery: The blogging world. And high heels. 
Favourite Place in the World: I've never been but in my heart I know it's Bora Bora 
Style Icons: Blake Lively and Heidi Klum; they are both so stunning and know how to dress their bodies 
Favourite Designer: Christian Louboutin
Favourite Movie: Romeo and Juliet

Jeans: I rarely wear jeans because it's hard to find ones that fit right, but GUESS is a safe choice for me! 

Underwear: Anything comfy and lacy. 
Watch: A vintage pendant watch necklace by Cocoa Chu Chu (a WANT!) 
Day Dress: Something chic but comfy since I trek via train, subway and foot to get to work everyday; cute flats, black leggings a draped top with a black blazer, a statement necklace and large bag to fit everything I need to have without me through the day. I am by no means a style icon but I like to think I can pull myself together each day in a way that's lovely and trendy :) 
Evening Dress: Sky high heels, black leggings or cute dress shorts and a feminine top with chandelier earrings. Small clutch is necessary so I can dance the night away without worrying about a large purse getting in my way! Sometimes I love wearing a really pretty dress out for the night in a fun colour like yellow or teal. 
Shoe: Christian Louboutin's for sure but as for the ones I can afford, ALDO is an affordable and lovely choice. 

Inspiration: Open and minimalistic spaces with a hint of vintage chic. However I love so many looks that I think my fiance and I's new home together with be a collaboration of many different rooms so totally different from one another. He's going to go crazy trying to keep up with my various visions and images! 
Favorite Art: My own actually! I love to paint canvases and create typography prints. I am actually working on opening an Etsy store soon so cross your fingers for me that this works out lovelies! 
Bedding: Cotton jersey sheets with a feather-stuffed duvet, along with simple white dreamy bedding to match my fluffly cloud-like mattress! The mattress was a gift from my mom 3 years ago when I had surgery and needed something a bit better to sleep on. At the time she called it my early wedding gift from her to Apb and I! I also adore brightly coloured statement throw pillows with adornments on them (beading, fabric 3-D flowers, ruffles, etc) 
Stationary: Papyrus. I adore all of their products. I also have a soft spot in my heart for their logo. I started a tattoo on my hip as a tribute to my Nan who passed away two years ago (two years tomorrow actually). I need to finish it by adding the silhouette of a hummingbird similar to the Papyrus one. My Nan adored Hummingbirds and the quote that accompanies each Papyrus card (it's about the beauty of the hummingbird) is so remarkably touching and meaningful to me. It's a personal thing I suppose! 
Coffee Table Books: I am actually on the hunt right now for a perfect coffee table book to use as a guest book at our wedding. Any suggestions anyone?! 
Flowers: ranunculus, garden roses, peonies and anemones. Flowers are just the most beautiful things in the world.

Perfume: It's a tad little-girlish but this body spray from Victorias Secret that smells like cotton candy. It starts my day off on a sweet note every time! 
Moisturizer: Uh oh Helena, I don't use moisturizer: is this bad?? Eeep!! I really love Pond's Cold Cream Classic for removing make up though! My Nan used to use this as well and smelling it always reminds me of my childhood with her.
Mascara: Full and Soft Maybelline in Dark Black. The only kind I love.
Shampoo: Whatever is on sale :) True story. But I do love Aveda and Aveeno's organic blends.
Soap: Dove. I. love. Dove. So perfect.

Helena!! Fun survey!! I have never thought of any of these things haha I feel like such a totally boring chick now haha I am not fashion or beauty savvy at all so I am so so sorry.  much love to you girlie!! XOXO Rhiannon

Thank you Gorgeous, I loved having you here!


  1. what a fun interview helena!! i checked out cocoa chu chu and favorited that shop on etsy, there's sooo much cute stuff in it!!

  2. Helena my love thank you so much for the sweet sweet feature :) I hope your readers enjoy it too! You are the sweetest blogging friend a girl could ask for!! XOXO

  3. i heart peonies with all my heart. i loved this interview. great ideas!

  4. Oh, I love Rhiannon as well. Such a lovely girl. Loved so much this series. Enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing a bit more of Rhi with us.

    oxox ^-^

  5. Beautiful picks! I love Romeo & Juliet- watch it always when it's on tv :)

  6. Beautiful items! Love that ruffled top!

  7. I love this post and couldn't agree more on Heidi Klum<3

    Have a great week,
    Hope xoxoxo

  8. What a fun interview - love this!!! So many things to ooh and ahh over :) (like the yellow elva fields necklace - love it!)

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  10. Papyrus is the best! This reminds me that I really need to do this for you. Sorry your email got buried and I forgot (sheepishly hangs head).

  11. Love, love, love.... what a gorgeous feature to compliment a gorgeous blog and a gorgeous girl!! Love it!

    :) Hazel

    PS Hosting a giveaway at the moment for 'Bookclub'...

  12. Hi - a lovely post for a lovely girl. Rhiannon is one of those bloggers that you just feel you know, even though of course we have never met. It's great here to see some more of her loves... Lou x

  13. Love these series!
    Have a nice day darling!

  14. Rhiannon has excellent taste :) still loving this series.
    You are amazing with the word collages. I tried but can't do the amazing borders or tape features you must be a genius ;)


  15. I love these posts!!!

  16. I love everything here, this is amazing!

  17. Boa Tarde.

    Venho por este meio divulgar um novo blog de opiniƵes pessoais, onde apenas destaca os assuntos actuais na nossa sociedade. Se possivel, divulgue ou apenas se torne seguidor.

  18. Helena I love this series - It's so exciting to get a sneek peek into other peoples lives. And they are always so stylish!


  19. She is lovely and I adore those posts:)
    Kisses darling:)

  20. Love this feature.. great picks too :)

    xoxo Laura

  21. Great guest post! I love her outfit inspirations, you can tell she has style! xo

  22. What a fun little interview! Rhiannon Nicole, we have the same love for the same flowers :)
    Thank you Helena for entering my giveaway! Good Luck!
    <3 Cara

  23. Oh I love this one! Can't wait to check her out. We have a lot of similarities.

    Hope you're having a wonderful week, beautiful :) xoxo

  24. you are always introducing me to the best bloggers! love your behind the scenes interviews* usually i read a blog for months and know almost nothing about the blogger - this is SO much better! xx

  25. How did I not know about her blog- I love all the wedding inspiration I can get! Thanks for the intro!

  26. Great post! Off to check out Hey Gorgeous now.

  27. So inspiring! Great interview! Great post...xo

  28. Love this series... always makes me want to try something new!

  29. Love these posts...

    This is a woman after my own heart to be sure: Christian Louboutin's, check. Romeo and Juliet, check. Comfy, lacy undies, check!


    All this is Grace and Charm

  30. Romeo & Juliet is the best movie! And I love that she like ranuculus. They are really pretty- and often overlooked....

    This is great series!!

  31. Love everything here!! Particularly everything in the clothes section!

  32. What a wonderful series, Helena, you pick the bestest bloggers to feature! Of course I ADORE Rhiannon so this post is PARFAIT! Her answers are all adorable just like her and I loved getting to know her more.

    PS - So glad you got your scarf, I can't wait to see you wearing it! I hope it makes you smile every time you see it! :) xoxox

  33. This is so wonderful! Great series! Have a sweet day!

  34. i love her blog because she is so positive and inspiring... besides the fact that she has some amazing posts with great images!!!

  35. Amazing post and amazing blog. always nice meeting new lovely bloggers ;)


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