Monday, June 07, 2010

Grace Kelly exhibition

Stunning Grace Kelly. Some months ago I blogged about the then upcoming GK exhibition the V&A Museum would be hosting in London. And I finally made it. It wasn't disappointing, but it wasn't WOW, mainly because it was in a very small space and I found that even though the dresses and curation was amazing the place was gloomy... The dresses were gorgeous and it's definitely worth the visit, GK was a style icon and she knew what to wear in each occasion, but let me tell you, when they say "you make your outfit and not the other way" (or something like that) it's sooo right, the dresses were pretty yes, but the dresses were so amazing because they were worn but this beautiful woman.

The day they met, this is one of the most gorgeous ever, GC was traveling in France and met the Prince in Monaco, apparently all her dresses were wrinkled and this was her only option, stunning!


The dress designed by Helen Rose for the civil wedding ceremony

Both the dress and the Kelly bag were exhibited (did you know they started making it in the early 1930's and used to be called Sac à dépêches? Then of course in 1956, GK was seen toting around and the rest is history)

There was a vast collection of her eye glasses and sun glasses (including some yummy 1970's Dior)

In 1959 wearing a multicolor Balenciaga

Two style icons came together in 1961 in the White House

In 1972 in a Madame Gres photographed by Lord Snowdon 
This is one of the best examples of dress vs GK in the dress

Marc Bohan remained one of her favorite designers, here in 1972 with her family. Marc Bohan was the creative director for Dior and he dressed GK in many occasions

With the future Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1981, wearing Yves Saint Laurent

There were many other dresses, and a couple of beautiful gorgeous Chanel, unfortunately I can't find any photos of her wearing them and the "nice" lady at the V&A didn't allow me to take photos, hence the non photos :)
Overall it was a great hour and a great experience of fashion history. if you are in London you should definitely visit. 
Photos: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11


  1. *Swoon* I adore Grace Kelly. She truly was a fashion icon and a gorgeous woman!

    Fabulous pics!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen that family portrait, what a gorgeous family!

  3. Oh how I love this woman...her name just says it all...just gorgeous x

  4. Great person!!! What a great selection and I adore the family portrait...:)
    Kisses sweetie and enjoy your evening!

  5. She knew how to wear clothes that wear most people, and that I believe made her who she was. What a lady.


  6. Beautiful lady ~ love the post! (Now you are giving me even more excuses to go to London)! xo

  7. Oh I'm so happy that you let us know how it was. I would definitely love to see it.

    Hope you had a great weekend sweetie! xoxo

  8. I would love to see this!!! Totally love Grace Kelly!!
    Mil gracias por tu mensajito de ese anonymous fues asi ke me di cuenta!!! ke ganas cierta gente...! Hope you had a beautiful weekend!

  9. I adore Grace Kelly. The epitome of style and elegance. I might have to give London town a little visit ;)

    Hope you had a Lovely weekend!

  10. This is absolutely on my list for an upcoming weekend - love Grace Kelly!

  11. This is a great post! V&A is a wonderful museum. I wish I had gone them more often when I used to live there.


  12. Awwwwwwww... that is lovely indeed!

    Come check out my giveaway! :)

  13. Impresionante mujer! Feliz semana Helena!

  14. She is so gorgeous: I do love her so much. And she always looks so pretty.

  15. Sabes que tengo debilidad por ella. Cuanto me hubiese gustado ir a ver la exposición contigo...

    Besos preciosa!

  16. what a beauty she was!
    great post, thanks for sharing.

  17. I went to see the exhibition a couple of weeks ago and have to agree with you - it was kinda gloomy. I loved though that with each dress there was the photo of her wearing it. Made it much more 'real'.

  18. Love Grace and the V&A so London (and Helena) I guess I just have to make time to hop over to visit!

  19. What a great post, I love Grace, she was the definition of elegance...

  20. looks like a fantastic exhibit - despite the gloomy space. Such timeless syle - a true icon indeed. xx, Jane

  21. I read the Vanity Fair article about the exhibit - I SO wish I could see it!

  22. I adore everything grace kelly!
    That fist picture.. wow!

  23. She is so stunning! Grace Kelly is really one of my favourites. I'd love to go and see the exhibition.

  24. I love Grace Kelly. She was incredibly beautiful. She is an icon. And she will always be.

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