Sunday, May 02, 2010

To Mom


  1. I nearly panicked when I read this -- Mother's Day in the US isn't until next Sunday. This is really sweet!
    PS, hope you had a lovely birthday!
    xxoo Josie

  2. Morning lovely, you are causing havoc. I thought I had forgotten...but Mothers day in Sweden is last Sunday in May :)

    Happy mothers day to your mother though. xxxxx

  3. Ah, what a nice tribute to your mama.
    Where would we be without mothers.
    The giver of life. Nine long months she carried you. Oh, you must be happy to have such a beautiful mama;-)

  4. grĂ ciessssssssssss
    se agapw poly
    i mouka soy

  5. awww what a sweet post you have here! my parents are coming into town this week and we'll be celebrating mother's day together, i'm so excited!


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