Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My Stuff Series **The Decorista**

Today's My Stuff is so easy to introduce, it's the absolutely fabulous and oh so gorgeous Ashlina from The Decorista, you know her right? no? run! well check her My Stuff and then run, you are missing out, she is a doll. 
Her blog is just as amazing as her, filled with interiors inspirations that will leave you drooling for days.

Favorite Discovery: Blogging! my blog has brought HUGE joys to my life...(like the amazing + beautiful Helena)
Favorite Place in the World: Cabo Azul hotel in Cabo San Lucas...its where my boyfriend and i met and fell for each other.

Style Icons: The Kardashian Sisters...I have a curvy body and watching how these ladies dress theirs is total inspiration to me...and i wear black, a lot. I also LOVE Victoria Beckham + Kate Moss + Rachel Zoe (LA chic never looked so good)

Favorite Designer: Christian Louboutin...I was lucky enough to have met this man, he is extremely brilliant and I just adore his accent. I am also obviously obsessed with Kelly Wearstler.. she is the ultimate glamorous decorista.

Favorite Movie: Almost Famous...anything Cameron Crowe does, i love. i loved the clothes of that decade, there is something about it that reminds me of my hometown, Austin...i think its the music. I even named my car Penny Lane.

Jeans: Paige Premium Denim is hands down my favorite snug + comfy, i wear them as much as possible. Right now, I am loving the skinny jean with side zippers.

Underwear: Victorias Secret Pink has my favorites. I probably have over 100 pairs in these 2 styles...i'm obsessed.

Watch: my boyfriend gave me an amazing gold Chunky Fossil watch for christmas...He also brought me back a gaudy big chunky gold fake Rolex from Vietnam, i LOVE it. It's perfect!

Day dress and day bag: I have about a million long flowy dresses and handbags, I mix and match and change them up all the time. If I'm around town and you catch me in a dress, it is probably something like this...

I also adore Rebecca Minkhoff handbags, I am lusting over this one...and i want it in nude.

Evening Dress: i would love to wear a little something like this...

Shoes: Alexander Wang is genius!!!

Inspiration: I dream of these...

Favorite Art: I am kinda in love with vintage photography like Slim Aarons. love him!

Bedding: Marshalls, HomeGoods and Tuesday Morning have great sheet sets, I go through bedding all the time and love to mix and match finds from here.
Stationary: I love personalized monogrammed stationary sets from the corner stationary store here in Brentwood, CA. or Kate Spade has cute ones too.
Coffee table books: 
HUE Kelly Wearstler
Poolside by Slim Aarons
In the Pink by Dorothy Draper
these 3 are my faves.
Flowers: Gardenia is hands down my most favorite scent ever, along with tuberose. In the home nothing is better than tons of white flowers all over the place.

Perfume: Michael Kors by Michael Kors (its my siganture)
Moisturizer: Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF30 (this stuff is the best out there and super affordable)
Mascara: SEXY CURVES by Rimmel (my best kept secret)
Shampoo: Morrocan Oil makes the best hair products for my long mane.
Soap: I use anything and everything by Bath and Body Works for the shower.

So. there you have my secrets. Thanks to all the readers for reading and Thanks Helena, for asking me to be part of this awesome series. xoxo

Thank YOU Ashlina!! Your list is fantastic, thanks for sharing your secrets with all of us


  1. Mmm I LOVE Christian Louboutin, those shoes are amazingly sexy!

  2. love her!
    (also love hanky pankies)

  3. Great style here! :-) All of it

  4. Fun! Who doesn't love Ashlina?! She's a cutie & a sweetheart. xo

  5. Great stuff and pictures! This was fun!

  6. All those, are right up my ally. I love the way they are all so classy but edgy. !! Beautiful Blog!

  7. Such a fun post, love your list Ashlina! Thanks for the beauty tips, will be checking out the Rimmel Mascara xx

  8. oh! I also love 'almost famous' so I like ashlina already!

  9. I love her and love that name... so unique!

  10. Hi sweetie,loving this post! I have tagged you over @ My Passport to Style, I do hope you will play! Sharon xx

  11. She got great taste. x

  12. What a great series! How fun....She sounds great!
    So glad you had a lovely day at work...I used to be so nerves about those first few days...ahhh....but after about a month you will feel like that’s your second home:)
    Kisses :)

  13. I hadn't come across Ashlina's blog... but am off to check it out now... she has fab taste!

  14. Your dream house,the third perfect. It would be perfect for me. haha!-great expectations-
    I like Victoria B. She's on of my fav.

  15. Acabo de visitar su blog y he descubirto un montón de ideas que pienso copiar... Qué buen ojo tienes!

  16. I adore Almost Famous! The scene where Kate Hudson pretends she is an airline stewardess is my fav...she owns that scene!

  17. Ashlina is so fabulous.
    We have a lot in common! :D
    Enjoyed getting to know her a little better!

  18. Great list! The series just keeps getting better and better :) xoxo

  19. That Ashlina is just the CUTEST! Love all her picks so much!

  20. Voy de cabeza a meterme en su blog porque toda su lista me ha encantado!!!

  21. that's a good list. love paige jeans too.

  22. Oh and I forgot to ask, how is your new job sweetie?

  23. SUCH STYLE from the Decorista

  24. Love Ashlina and her blog! She and her boyfriend are adorable.

  25. My eyes are dazzled by all these beautiful things;-)

  26. Fab picks!
    adore Kelly Wearstler as well!

  27. Love her blog! Ashlina, you and the bf are so cute! I am dying to go to Cabo :)

  28. Oh, love it! I heart Ashlina, she is so awesome! Thanks for sharing with us!

  29. wow, ashlina is super fabulous!! i haven't heard of her blog before but i will be heading over there after i click "Post Comment" haha!! she really has an eye for fashion and i could learn a thing or two from looking at her blog, i am sure of that!!

  30. Love Ashlina and her fab blog!! and love this series that you have Helena!! como estas??

  31. Ashlina, you are the new style icon of LA!! love your blog! you are the fashionista too!

  32. Ashlina is so adorable, spunky and she has the right attitude. She will go far! Thank you for sharing!

    My first time here. I am glad I came. Another lovely blog! (I am now a follower).

    ox, Mon

  33. Loving Ashlina's lovely stuff list!

  34. She is sexy and sassy lady! AND she does have great taste! -Jami


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