Friday, May 14, 2010

Abigail Ahern 2

Remember my post about the Abigail Ahern Atelier some weeks ago? Gemma Ahern is Abigail 's sisters, and this is her gorgeous apartment in Essex, England. As most of us do she had to compromise to please herself and her partner and managed to do it in a perfect way.


  1. That apartment is amazing...I think I need the clock on their refrigerator!

  2. oo I want that cozy window seat with all of the pillows!! :)

  3. Love all the shots of hot pink with the dark grey!!! So nice!


  4. That dark blue and black kitchen has been in my inspiration files forever! Love it!
    -elizabeth (

  5. I love the windowseat and the touches of hot pink all over! So pretty.
    xxoo Josie

  6. Such a great place! I'd move in today if I could!! ;-) But my favorite picture? The first one... that light is amazing!

  7. Wow this place is amazing! Loving that window seat. Looks so comfy with the pillows. And I looove that living room! Great color!


  8. swooning over that blue kitchen and all the dark walls. So moody yet lovely!

  9. Whoa. I usually don't care about house pictures but these are AMAZING--that living room is to die for! The pink coffee table and purple satin throw pillow? Perfect!

  10. yes. i love her book too. she has got great style. happy weekend mi amor! xo

  11. The dark colours are so stunning....The kitchen is stylish with this blue colour and I adore the art work!
    Great place to live in :)
    Have a fun weekend my dear!

  12. No se como pudo pasar que me perdí tu post de abril de Abigail Ahern :(
    O ya no me acuerdo... No se. En todo caso te diré que a mí me encanta este blog, las fotos de Abigail, sus ambientes y sus consejos de decoración.
    Había visto fotos de este apartamento pero por separado, no todas juntas. Y tampoco sabía que eran del apartamento de la hermana.

    El estilo del apartamento es 100% el estilo del blog y de la tienda.

    Sencillamente magistral!!

    Besos preciosa. Gracias por enseñarnoslo

  13. Great photos, I love how there's loads of grey but it still looks nice and bright.

  14. I love all the use of font in their house. And the pops of pink and red are a nice contract to the mostly dark colors.


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