Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Stuff Series **the little things we do...**

Today I want to welcome Lauren from the little things we do.
I really like Lauren, like really really. 
She is sweet, her posts are always witty and colorful and well, truth be told I like reading about her life and what she's up to. You know, sometimes you just feel like liking someone and Lauren gave me exactly that feeling.
and on top of that I really like her my stuff! 

Favorite Discovery: the wonderful world of blogging and the lovely ladies I've met therein.  Oh...and dry shampoo most definitely.
Favorite Place in the World:  my home.  It's the one place here I can completely relax and be 100% me.
Style Icons:  Rachel Bilson and random people on the street.
Favorite Designer:  I don't own anything designer except for a vintage Michael Kors belt I scored while thrifting.  But a couple of designers who I appreciate are Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld.
Favorite Movie:  Anchorman.  The stupid humor always cheers me up on a bad day.

Jeans:  Paige Premium Denim.  They make your butt look amazing.  And Vigoss - they look designer, but they're WAY cheaper!
Underwear:  Victoria's Secret and Aerie
Watch:  A chunky silver no-name "boyfriend" watch
Day dress and day bag:  Dress - a cute little sundress - probably from F21 or Target.  Bag - Hollywood Intuition
Evening Dress:  The Christian Dior dress of my dreams.  I've been obsessed ever since Eva Mendes wore it to the Golden Globes.
Shoes:  In my dreams:  Christian Louboutin round-toe heels.  In reality:  ballet flats from Target and Payless and Vans tennis shoes.

Inspiration:  textures, nature, repurposing, thrift store treasures
Favorite Art:  Currently obsessed with Nan Lawson
Bedding:  Dwell Studios
Stationery:  Lark Press
Coffee table books: National Geographic (especially Wide Angle)
Flowers:  billy buttons, sedum, daisies, weeds

Perfume:  Philosophy's "Falling in Love"
Moisturizer:  I'm really bad at moisturizing, when I do moisturize I just use a little jar of something from Sephora's in-store brand.
Mascara:  Cover Girl Lash Blast
Shampoo:  I change my shampoo often.  Currently using Root Awakening
Soap:  Olay Botanical Fusion Patchouli scent

Thank you so much Lauren, did I mention I really like you?


  1. What a darling post, I'm running over to check this sweet lady out! If she is anything like you, I'm sure I will like her just as much as you do! xox :)

  2. She sounds adorable. I am going to visit her site! xo

  3. I saw Vigoss jeans at the Nordstrom Rack near me...had never heard of I am intrigued :)

  4. Sounds lovely! Anchor Man is a classic...I am all over stupid humor movies too!

    Off to pay her a visit now...

    xo Cat

  5. i LOVE her blog!! and great interview! i totally need to try out dry shampoo!! and i def think that target shoes are the way to go!!!

  6. I get the same feelings about her too...and I've read her dry shampoo post and it's hilarious :)

  7. We wear the same mascara! Checking her out now :) Love this series.

  8. Yay! Lauren is such an awesome girl and this was so fun to read. Love this series Helena!

  9. This series is so much fun! And by the way, I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your header. The pattern is gorgeous!!

  10. Me encanta conocer a fondo a la gente que nos presentas y sus pequeñas cosas.
    Tendré que probar el champú en seco para el pelo para los casos de emergencia, a ver que tal, jeje...

    Besotes :)

  11. What a fun "My Stuff Series". I enjoyed her inspirations, she sounds like an amazing person.

    And Helena, regarding my latest post, i got that blouse from Zara's causal collection. I've just added links in that post. So perhaps you might like to check back. Hope that helps! :)

  12. thanks so much for all your sweet words! i kind of really like you a lot too lovely lady :).

    thanks again for letting me join in on this fun series!


  13. Lauren's one of my fave bloggers and I McLinky up almost every Friday!

    xx Vivian @

  14. I also love to read her blog.
    It's really interesting :)

  15. WEE! So cute! I love A Diary of Lovely & I love The Little Things We Do, so this collaboration makes me beyond happy!! Paige are my favorites for jeans too!

  16. What a cool series - and yep, her list is so sweet! LOVE her jean and shoe choices :)

  17. A great list - I agree with it all!


  18. She sounds so cute and adorable!
    That is one great list!
    Great post Helena:)

  19. What a sweet post! I am going off to discover Lauren's blog now! xx

  20. Oh, I think I am going to really like her too, based on this! Will have to check her out next, and having just clicked over to Nan Lawson, I might be obsessed a bit with her now as well too!

  21. So adorable and likeable! I'm going to go check her out.

    Hope you're having a fab trip darling! xoxo

  22. I don't think I've ever liked a red carpet look better. The gown, the necklace, the hair...everything was perfect!

  23. Always so interesting getting an insight in people! LLGxx

  24. Going to go check her out. And I gave you an award.

  25. I loved reading this! thanks for sharing sweets! xo Erica

  26. I know we'd get on - Anchorman is hilarious!

  27. Great info! Have to check out those jeans she likes : )

  28. Great post! I love Lauren's blog! xoxo

  29. we use the same perfume :)

  30. Ohhh I want to try that Philosophy perfume! Their stuff always smells the best. Love these interviews, such fun. xo katie

  31. Heading on over right now to meet this lovely gal and Trish is right, if she is anything like you I will adore her right away!! Yay for blogging friends!! xo

  32. I've never seen one of these before, that is so cool! How awesome. What a great way to find out about products

  33. Aw, I love Lauren too! Thanks for featuring her!

  34. I am also a follower of Laurens blog.. She certainly is creative, and I ♥ lovliness.


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