Friday, April 30, 2010

Giveaway time: eShakti

It's time for another great giveaway. The lovely people at eShakti are offering one lucky lady a dress (or anything else your heart pleases!) of their choice from their shop (up to $50 value). Isn't that amazing?? Let me tell you a bit more about what I like about them. You know sometimes you find the most amazing dress but you wish it had sleeves, or a V neck, or was shorter, or longer or whatever? anyway, you just wished you could change something, well, eShakti does just that, they customise your dress as you please. And not only that, you know how generic... well generic sizes can be? Im a 4, but then I buy a 4 and it's too big or too small... here you don't have this problem, you can order your size OR give them your measurements and you get a custom made dress, at a great price! I wish they shipped to the UK! Damn it! Check it out, Im sure you will find something you love, I did!
Rules as usual 

** Unfortunately this one is only open to US lovelies, I promise I will make out for this **
1: Follow along and comment, if you are already a follower: THANKS! please let me know xoxo 
2:Visit eShakti and let me know in a second comment what you like most
3: Become a Fan of eShakti on FB here 
4: Twit, blog, post it on FB and let me know you did on a third comment.
{Giveaway open until May 10th xoxo}

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today I'm at Apartment 34

Today I'm guest blogging chez Erin's at Apartment 34 Erin went off to Mexico some days ago to get married, so good for her and there I am filling for her, together with a bunch of amazing bloggers, about what makes me bliss. Congrats Erin!!! If you have a second check it out
And look how gorgeous she is, here captured by Jose Villa the day of their engagement shoot. 

Bimba y Lola

As these days I'm in Barcelona I want to pay tribute to my country and share with you a spanish brand. Bimba and Lola, if you ever visit Spain, make sure to check out one of their stores, it's cozy, has a luxurious feeling and they burn Diptyque candles! Their bags and shoes are made of soft gorgeous leather and their clothes are feminine and easy to wear for work and play.

I love the stripped tees, the floaty long skirts and the pretty and fresh structures.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Stuff Series **the little things we do...**

Today I want to welcome Lauren from the little things we do.
I really like Lauren, like really really. 
She is sweet, her posts are always witty and colorful and well, truth be told I like reading about her life and what she's up to. You know, sometimes you just feel like liking someone and Lauren gave me exactly that feeling.
and on top of that I really like her my stuff! 

Favorite Discovery: the wonderful world of blogging and the lovely ladies I've met therein.  Oh...and dry shampoo most definitely.
Favorite Place in the World:  my home.  It's the one place here I can completely relax and be 100% me.
Style Icons:  Rachel Bilson and random people on the street.
Favorite Designer:  I don't own anything designer except for a vintage Michael Kors belt I scored while thrifting.  But a couple of designers who I appreciate are Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld.
Favorite Movie:  Anchorman.  The stupid humor always cheers me up on a bad day.

Jeans:  Paige Premium Denim.  They make your butt look amazing.  And Vigoss - they look designer, but they're WAY cheaper!
Underwear:  Victoria's Secret and Aerie
Watch:  A chunky silver no-name "boyfriend" watch
Day dress and day bag:  Dress - a cute little sundress - probably from F21 or Target.  Bag - Hollywood Intuition
Evening Dress:  The Christian Dior dress of my dreams.  I've been obsessed ever since Eva Mendes wore it to the Golden Globes.
Shoes:  In my dreams:  Christian Louboutin round-toe heels.  In reality:  ballet flats from Target and Payless and Vans tennis shoes.

Inspiration:  textures, nature, repurposing, thrift store treasures
Favorite Art:  Currently obsessed with Nan Lawson
Bedding:  Dwell Studios
Stationery:  Lark Press
Coffee table books: National Geographic (especially Wide Angle)
Flowers:  billy buttons, sedum, daisies, weeds

Perfume:  Philosophy's "Falling in Love"
Moisturizer:  I'm really bad at moisturizing, when I do moisturize I just use a little jar of something from Sephora's in-store brand.
Mascara:  Cover Girl Lash Blast
Shampoo:  I change my shampoo often.  Currently using Root Awakening
Soap:  Olay Botanical Fusion Patchouli scent

Thank you so much Lauren, did I mention I really like you?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spellbound Giveaway winner

Thank you so much for all who entered the Spellbound Giveaway, and a big thanks to Miriam for offering one of her gorgeous handmade pieces!!!

The W Barcelona

Hello lovelies, today i'm in Barcelona! I landed yesterday night for a rush trip. And because I'm here I really want to share with you a new beauty we have in town, te W hotel. It' a mommoth glass building by the sea, literally, overlooking the whole city. My mum was plnning n event there which unfortunately didn't happen but how gorgeous would have been?


Some like it Hooot

I'm absolutely adoring these never before seen color shoots from the Some Like it Hot set. How stunning is Marilyn?

Images: InStyle 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Me in 3s

Gorgeous Krysten from After I Do kindly tagged me to play this game. Thanks Krysten! And well here I am, me in 3s.

3 names I go by:


moro mou 


3 jobs I have had:

Research Assistant

Business Development 

Account Management in Affiliate Marketing

3 places I have lived:

Barcelona, Spain

London, UK

Athens, Greece

3 fave drinks:

Diet Coke

Strawberries, bananas and orange juice smoothies

Vanilla Mai Tai

3 TV shows I watch:

Lost (and Flashforward)

The Vampire Diaries

Gossip Girl

3 places I have been:

San Francisco



3 places I would like to visit:

New York



3 fave retro TV shows:



Growing Pains

3 fave dishes:


Steak with french fries

edamame beans

3 things I am looking forward to:
Going to Barcelona

Starting a new job

Having kids someday

3 people I am tagging - 3 blogs I discovered recently
Cat at Blu 
Thais at House Nine 


I bought a skirt recently at Anthropologie, and I discovered a new brand (for me at least). And I love it, I'm talking about Dolan. It's sexy, classy and effortlessly chic. I'm absolutely smitten with the gorgeous fabrics and pretty prints.

Ps: Last day to enter the Spellbound giveaway
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