Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend bliss

This week is coming to an end and it wasn't necessarily one of the best for me. I tend to try and forget quickly anything that has caused me sadness and that's what I did with a relaxing weekend. Highlights?

Bargain shopping at Anthropologie, I could definitely live there, 
there's a bed so I would be fine. I found some nice little things.
I also bought a pretty silk skirt, blue, red and yellow so cute,
 it was 30 pounds from 130, yay!

Spring has actually arrived here too (for now) I went downstairs 
and took some pictures of the beautiful flowers.

I made carrot cake, I used the same recipe I used in December to make
 the cupcakes and it came up pretty well. 
Unfortunately BF was hungry and the icing was a bit runny... 
but anyway the taste is gorgeous, and I used my star mold!

All in all it was a good weekend, very relaxed but I'm happy I got to do some nice things too. Next one is a long one, it's Easter and my mom is coming so should be good times!


  1. I totally hear what your saying about living at Anthropologie! We could be roomies. I love that store!

  2. I love your star cake!! I'd like some fun cake tins (or maybe I should say silicon molds?!).

  3. oh my goodness those flowers are GORGEOUS!

  4. glad you had such a lovely weekend. I love Anthropologie as well esp the scented candles they got and gorgeous dresses. Been to the store in Chelsea?


  5. Those flowers are goooorrrgeous! I hope you're having a lovely Sunday! xo

  6. What a fabulous weekend! The flowers are just gorgeous- we don't have too many yet...hopefully soon! Also love your Anthro buys :) Have a good rest of your Sunday, Helena!

  7. Gracias por tus comentarios
    y por toda la inspiraciĆ³n de bodas que hay en tu blog
    la tienda de los papeles es IMPRESIONANTE

  8. I could EASILY live at Anthro. They have some fabulously soft couches at the one I frequent, so there would be absolutely no reason NOT to live there! And I love those flowers -- so colorful!
    xxoo Josie

  9. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend. Sounds perfect to me...I'd take it in a second! :)

    Those flowers are gorge & what great scores at Anthro!!!

    Hope you have a great week! xoxo

  10. I love the necklace you found with the floppy flowers. Gorgeous. And your flower photos made me feel happy! Thank you. :)


Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read A Diary of Lovely. I hope you will be coming again soon.

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